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Chivu: Roma A "Small Obstacle" To His Love For Inter

1301_67304.jpgThis was taken from an interview in Calcio Italia magazine which I so thievishly stole from someone over at Roma Addict (btw, thanks for the thread - much appreciated), and this piece of bullshit deserves its own post.

Dominique Antognoni: Why did you choose the Nerazzurri and not Real Madrid or Barcelona?

I always wanted Inter and only Inter. I think that the way the negotiations went clearly shows that. For me, they were the only side that existed. It was my dream and you don't mess with dreams. My love affair with them started in the summer of 2003, when I came so close to arriving in Milan. There was a small obstacle, but my heart already belonged to the Nerazzurri.

Apparently Chivu's heart has belonged to Inter since 2003, and Roma was a "small obstacle" in fulfilling his true love. And Roma never existed? There was also a snippet regarding a "dream contract". But it's clear now: it wasn't the Becali brothers pulling the strings, it was Chivu. Though the former may be embarrassments to human beings everywhere, Chivu has taken to another level. He's shamed the shirt. He's taken a great privilege and called it a stepping stone for his "dreams." And he was in no way, shape or form "naive" during his negotiations.

While I'm certainly not shocked, his colors were glaring throughout the entire process, I'm nearly at a loss for words. It was quite evident he was a money grubbing whore, he was at least cordial and moderately eloquent in the press, always said all the right things, as untrue as they may have been. This is obviously saying the right things for Inter, but you still don't say your heart was with one team while playing for another. Quite simply, that's unprofessional, which seems to be a running theme with our ex-favorite Romanian here.

The tears? Celebrations? Please. Give me a break. He may have given his body to the shirt, but he never gave his heart, and that's what matters. That's what separates Roma from every other club in the world. When the players kiss that badge it actually means something, and it means more than anything he will ever do in Milan. I am ashamed he ever had the honor of wearing the shirt.

* - Fiorentina preview later today, and now Francesco is out. I swear, they better win by about 4 goals because this week has me steaming.