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Musical Goalkeeping Chairs

tmpphpyucldi.jpgThe Young'un speaks, and he wants out, dammit.

In an interview today (or yesterday, or the day before - sometime recently), Gilu Curci has made it clear that he wants out, and the sooner the better. Finally. But not to be sold per say, he just wants more than having to dust himself off every few months and sub in for Doni who has eaten some bad lasagna - especially with the struggle to stay alive in the Coppa impeding. He's said he'd like to be sent out on co-ownership rather than loan, because the club of choice would then have a more vested interest in his progress and future. Begrudgingly, I'll agree, but co-ownership and the purse strings at Trigoria frighten me to no end. How about we compromise with a buyback option?

The two leading squads are said to be Parma and Sampdoria, both are totally cool with me, because I'm sure any day now they'll ask. Parma is notorious, or was, for their youth development - great factor - and groomed a keeper some may know as Gigi. So the comparisons would be both abundant and welcome. Sampdoria, on the other hand, has a much better chance of making it to Europe (we'll cap it at the UEFA Cup), and European exposure, at least more than the odd CL start in Chanmester, would help immeasurably. (That is if it turns out to be more than a 6 month deal.)

* - Parma's director isn't interested, and seems to imply that he can only be had on loan. Fine by me.

I say let the young boy free, into the calcio wilderness, and let him return a man. A big hulking goalkeeper of a man. There's the possibility that J. Serg could wind up as Doni's back up (TWO Brazilian keepers? You've got to be shitting me), but for some reason I tend to doubt that'd be the case. Feel free to substitute the ghost of Carlo Zotti in there as well. So that leaves the replacement...

Backup Netminders Who Could Double As My Grandfather

Plenty of options have popped up. I'm convinced you could roll a dice just as easily as your could pick the correct winner of The Doni Backup Sweepstakes.

Antonio Chimenti (Udinese): I was totally convinced in the summer that Father Time himself would be returning to the Olimpico as a backup to Doni while Curci breastfed on the calcio goalkeeping teat on loan somewhere else. He'd cost around the minimal amount, and is the definition of a fine wine, because he just gets better and better every time I see him (I'm logical enough to realize he understands this and is simply putting on a show for my personal amusement - he's not that good). A very logical and probable choice...until you realize that Udinese is chaired by Pietro Leonardi. And he's a fucktard who hates Roma. That should make things easy.

Nicolas Penneteau (Valenciennes):
Strange name, no clue who he is, but he's just 26 and is starting for what used to be one of the most craptastic teams in France, but now sits in 6th having conceded the 4th fewest goals in the league (17 conceded in 19). Long time starter for Ligue 1 club Bastia. Reportedly being sought out by Barca as a backup as well, along with that Amelia guy. Agent is saying Roma is interested and monitoring him, and a move is possible. Who knows.

Anyway, this is him:

Why do I feel like I'd get the sudden urge to gouge my eyes out were Doni to ever get hurt? (Reread that sentence. Did you ever think such insanity would be written? Never.)

Tony Sylva (Lille): Another L1 name. The few times I've seen him he's been alright. Nothing special, typical backup material. Same agent as the guy above, who says he isn't going anywhere midseason. Fine by me.

Massimo Taibi (Ascoli):
Ummm, sure? He's been in Serie B this season, doing god knows what, and he'll be an ancient 38 in Febuary. I'd venture to guess he's the "still puttering around, albeit slightly dead, last resort" option.

A couple other names were mentioned referencing next summer, Alberto Fontana and Alessio Scarpi, but if Gilu goes now, that isn't much help unless Spal is really ready to hand over the second spot to J. Serg - and my heart to a cardiologist.

Since TGIP hinted at it some time earlier in the week, it seems like we may finally get our wish to watch him in another uni. Although I struggle to believe Rosella could sell cocaine to Kate Moss in under a month. I'm skeptical.