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Roman Hodge Podge

tmpphp5ffm82.jpgTotti Hits The Double Century

And he's not done:

"Mi piacciono tutti perché per me sono tutti importanti perché li ho fatti tutti col la maglia giallorossa, è come se fossero 400. Spero di arriva a 300 prima che smetto".

He wants 300 by the time he's done, which would either mean averaging 25 goals over the next 4 years (at this rate that's not asking too much), or 20 over the next 5. I just can't see him playing another 6, though one never knows. Both are achievable numbers in all competitions, since he's the finest of wines, getting more legendary as the rings add up.

I'm not sure there's much more to say about the 200 that hasn't been said before. He's a legend. One of the best the boot, and the world, has ever seen, and it's a testament to his skill to score 200 goals as a part-time striker before his 32nd birthday. Phenomenal accomplishment for a phenomenal player.

Coppa Coppa Coppa Cabana

Nobody saw the game, it was a huge victory against a team which was looking like it had Roma's number (or maybe Piedmont is another bad luck region - bad news for the eventual Juve encounter), and some guys supposedly looked spectacular. The one thing I took from it the most was this: That was easily The Poobah's best substitution job of the season, which is very uplifting going into the second half of the season. Then again, Francesco Totti could make even Roberto Mancini look like a wizard on the sidelines. (Alright, maybe that's going a bit far. How about a Down Syndrome baboon? That works.)

The Coppa now looks like this:







If Roma can perform against Samp, Udinese and Catania as they should, we're possibly looking at another title game. What's this, 7 in the last 6 years?

The Poobah Speaks

Clips and snippets from Spalletti's post-game yesterday:

"When you play a match with this intensity, and with the intention of overturning a difficult result, it's obvious that there will be a lot of energy lost," he said. "However, after the break we were able to fix a few things, and for some players being involved in two consecutive games is a good thing."

"We all know Francesco scores all the time, but with Giuly I wasn't entirely sure whether he could play because he had come off the flu," Spalletti continued.

"However, after coming on from the bench he did great. In the second half he gave an important contribution to the team up front and also scored a nice goal.

"But I also complimented Torino's players, because Torino caused us problems nonetheless."

So playing two games in a row could be good, but people are going to be tired for the weekend? Normally I'd say we're going to see Giuly against Catania, but that means the fullback situation could get shaky, because I'm not sure The Pocket Rockets can take care of that Catania left side which contains the animal himself, Juan Manuel Vargas. So iTunes and Cassetti for the fullbacks to ride Lulu's hot hand? Or Cicinho and Taddei? I'll go the latter, with an early substitution of Giuly.


Slightly longer highlights, with Cicinho stretching across the 6 yard box to save a goal. Stud.


I'd just like to point something out which I've noticed, and there is no accompanying explanation needed, you can make your own conclusions. The total games played, starts and minutes played in all competitions of the three players under co-ownership with Roma this season:

Mauro Esposito: 8, 1, 172 - less than two full games.
Ahmed Barusso: 5, 1, 118 - less than three halves.
Marco Andreolli: 0, 0, 0 - the triple squadoosh.

Total: 13g, 2s, 290m

Less than 4 full games from 3 players who will be up for negotiation again in 6+ months. Just sayin'....

* - Marco's injured, or was, obviously, but didn't he say he thought he'd be back by the Lazio game? 3 months ago?

(No, I don't think there's anything to it, but it looks perplexing, doesn't it.)

The News

Marco Anreolli! Marco Andreolli! Marco Andreolli! I must be dreaming, because I thought I saw him on the squad list yesterday. Actually, his agent is saying he's 100% recovered, and we may actually get a chance to see him in a Roma game I've got Sunday February 10th against Reggina in the office pool.

The Michael Jordan of AS Roma, Matteo Brighi, is close to renewing his contract because he likes Rome, Roma and his house. It's all about the real estate. Which is nice, because there's at least something productive happening during hunting/mercato season. I haven't seen a legitimate rumor in the last week. It's like girls. You go months without meeting many that would meet the standards of the blind A/V club, and others you meet so many you start confusing names. These are the lean months.

(No, Roma is not getting Palladino or Berbatov. The end...sadly.)

III) So The Grand Imperial Poobah and Ernesto Bronzettiballs went out to dinner on Sunday evening in Milan (anybody else getting excited already) and saw Silvio Berlusconi at the same restaraunt They cozied up, got friendly, and then Silvio whispered into Spal's ear how much he liked his French blondie. That being Philou. Now there are needs for a denial? Really? Must've been a slow news day.

IV) Paolo Facchini seems to think that Klaas Jan Huntelaar would be a good fit for Roma (or Milan) because they're "attacking teams". Let me translate that polite little anecdote to you: KJH is going to need high quality service. (Or he will once he leaves Flatland.)

"Is he ready for Serie A? I think so, but in my opinion he would need a very attacking team. He'd do better in a first-rate team, accustomed to pressing forward.

"Roma? Yes, I'd say so, but Milan also has the characteristics that would suit Huntelaar."

It's not happening, if Roma is going to spend that much money on a forward (especially if he does well at the Euros) they'll look to better players, simply. But I don't think they'll be spending that much money on a forward.

V) Big Premier team (s) after Juan Manuel Vargas, meaning Pietro Lo Monaco doesn't think he'll wind up in Rome. Assholes.

VI) Gianluca Curci
would have no problem going to Serie B, as long as all other options were exhausted beforehand. Absolutely no issue with this just because the defenses down yonder aren't all that wonderful and therefore he'd get to see more shots.