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Video of the Day: Grazie, Grazie, Grazie

Since I've been doing little but huddling in bed for the last week and thus haven't touched on anything Giallorossi in awhile, I'm going to move past the Samp game immediately and get back to business (that and I'm really sick of talking/thinking about Samp and Torino after having played them 3 times apiece in the last month). So this is the recap post for the Coppa QFs: a new Grazie Roma video (it's a much watch - not to mention Antonello Venditti is always worth a listen). And an extra special grazie to Amantino, who clearly gets the MOTM award for both legs of the Coppa for that brilliant pass to Mirko and his stepovers plus goal - his trademark. Now something fresh will be up in the AM.