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Bordeaux Mini-Preview: Who's Got The Grapes?

Roma, obviously. Doesn't that wine look fantastic?

Bordeaux v Roma

Non-previews seems to be good juju, we'll see if somewhere in between works as well.

Here's what I know about this edition of Bordeaux, a team I last watched probably 2 years ago:

  • They were quite good last year, finishing up second to perennial champion/Ligue 1 credibility destroyers Lyon. This year not so hot but getting better. Kinda like a certain Italian team we know.
  • They wear navy, not maroon or burgundy, which is a poor sponsorship decision. Throwing away a prime opportunity to promote alcoholism.
  • Hello Kitty plays for them now (That's Yoann Gourcuff.) and is reportedly doing quite well. The Next Zidane thing was a bit much - complete product of media hype - but he's something to look out for. And bonus points if you can guess which shade of lipstick he's wearing for the occasion - permanent banishment from the site if you're a dude.
  • They've got some decent forwards, particularly Fernando Cavenaghi, but have scored more than one goal only twice this year: against Caen and Nantes. Roma ain't Caen, nor are they Nantes. Good omen.
  • They were mercilessly taken out to the wood shed by Chelsea two weeks ago, 4-0. Also a good omen.
  • Play a 4-1-3-2 with Alou Diarra sitting behind the attack and featuring a defensive back four that inspires no fear, leading one to believe the 4-0 wasn't just an off day.
  • Marouane Chamakh has a pretty abysmal goal scoring rate (about 1 in 5) for a much hyped striker in a league with some pretty terrible goalkeepers, but sets up his teammates well. That's, uh, I don't know what that is. FYI, I guess.
  • If google translation is any indication (it never is), they're going for the long ball approach tomorrow. Oh fucking wonderful. How aesthetic.

As ever, I know nothing.


Aquilani, Artur, Baptista, Bertagnoli, Brighi, Cicinho, De Rossi, Filipe, Loria, Marangon, Menez, Mexes, Montella, Okaka, Panucci, Perrotta, Riise, Taddei, Vucinic.

* - Julio is in; almost definitely will not start but should be available off the bench should the squad begin showing a decent first touch. (I kid I kid.)

Wounded: Juan, Max, Cassetti, Pizarro & His Tottiness.

Projected XI.:

Cicinho, Sexy Mexy, ESM Golden Shoe Winner 2008-09 (GOMR), Riise;
DDR, Alberto;
Taddei, Perrotta, Menez;

Missed the opportunity to recap the Atalanta game, but there were a few things which really impressed me: Menez & Vucinic continue to gain such amazing chemistry, 09-10 should be jawdropping; with DDR & Totti out, it seemed Alberto really took the initiative, a massive step for the young man; Simone Simone Simone helps a lot; Loria<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Sexy Mexy at 80%.


• Menez will score his first for the good guys and the media will fawn because he's from France which means he must be the French Destroyer or hold the supertopsecretkey to beating above average French opposition. Oh wait...
• Aquilani will have a monster game.
• Vuci won't.
• Someone's going to take a swipe at Mexes now that he can tell off the opposition in French and equally insult everyone.
• Okaka's going to come on and run through the entire midfield & defense again at least one time and I'll think about adopting a puppy just so I can name him Okaka Chuka.
• At some point something will go wrong and TGIP will still sit on the sideline as though he's getting a routine colon examination from the man with the world's smallest fingers - slightly annoyed but far from miserable and deep in contemplation.

All I've got. We'll keep the winners and scorelines out of it until they turn this thing around.

2045 CET, 1445 EST
Where: Stade Chaban-Delmas, Bordeaux.
Forecast: Clear, 17°C.

Here or PPV at
Liveblog: Si.