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Coppa Italia Nonpreview: The Defense Commences.

Even better than talking about Bologna, how about the last Coppa match?

More of the same, yeah?

Roma v Bologna

Oh yeah, this. Supposed lineup:

Cassetti, GOMR, Loria, Riise
Cicinho, DDR, Brighi
Montella, Menez.

Or Okakachukakaka could be put in Vincenzo's place. Whatever way it shakes out it'll be the JV, plain and simple.


I predict redemption.

Game: 3-0 Roma
Goals: Cicinho (11), Cicinho (39), Cicinho (62)
MOTM: The Flying Donkey

When: 2100 CET, 1500 EST.
Where: Olimpico, Rome.
Forecast: Swimming pool.

Streaming: Here.
Liveblog: Nay. Unless United shows TIM Cup quarterfinals. (Maybe?)