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Roma 2- 0 Reggina, Roma back to their Winning Ways

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pannucicinho.jpgRoma – Reggina

Roma shrug off the 1st away defeat of the season by beating basement boys Reggina.
Finally, 3 points against a relegation battler! It wasn’t a convincing one, but 3 points is 3 points

Roma started off the game with a 3 Right Back 4 man defence. Panucci* was partnering Mexes in the middle, Cicinho and Cassetti (Cicinho from the get go !? ) as defensive backs. Aquilani and De Rossi in front of the D and the Mancini-Giuly-Taddei trio supporting the lone striking Golden boy. Roma had some decent chances in the 1st half but needed to wait 20 minutes before seeing someone capitalise on them, that guy was OMR! You can always count on Old Man River! Panucci managed to redirect Totti’s powerful cross into the net. Thing is he was almost out of bounds when he scored. Vintage Scottish Panucci !

* Ferrari ; How the fuck can you demand for the same paycheck as Juan and Mexes after the performance you pulled in Siena last week ? Who cares if you were part of the Euro 2004 squad. OMR has demonstrated that you look a little like excess baggage right now. Roma are offering a fair deal, I suggest you take it !

I wouldn’t go all the way and say that this was a convincing win by Roma, it wasn’t.
Reggina didn’t look bad at all during the game. They had some decent chances, especially in the 2nd half. Once, Makinwa and Amoruso got on the field, I almost had that ‘’ their going to Empoli our asses before the end of this game ‘’ feeling. They were looking dangerous. Panucci and Mexes looked vulnerable to Makinwa’s blazing speed.
Thank god, Ceravolo started out the game. The Nigerian, who just came back from the CAN, changed the whole allure of Reggina right from the moment he came on. Makinwa had some decent chances, he even hit a post! Luckily, Ludovic Giuly pulled off some little (pun intended) magic to create Mancini’s goal 2-0! Then Vucinic subs for Totti, and he starts shooting at the net every time he gets the ball until the final 3 whistles

At times, this partita looked a little like an exhibition game. Totti, Aquilani and Taddei weren’t on their best form. You know that Totti isn’t 100% fit when you see him not running and flicking back heels everywhere. He did almost manage to score a sweet half bicycle goal. Fortunately, this game was a perfect opportunity to work off the rust before the gauntlet of Calcio hell. Let’s hope the boys are ready to take on Juve, Inter, Real Madrid and Milan in the upcoming weeks

Highlights (as soon as they're up, ok maybe tomorrow) :


Roma-Reggina 2-0

Marcatori: Panucci al 21'; Mancini al 76'

Roma: Doni 6,5, Panucci 6,5, Mexes 6, Giuly 6 (dal 83' Perrotta s.v.), Cicinho 6, De Rossi 6, Aquilani 6, Taddei 5,5 (dal 65' Tonetto 6), Cassetti 5,5, Mancini 6, Totti 5,5 ( dal 75' Vucinic 6). All.Spalletti

Reggina: Campagnolo , Lanzaro , Valdez , Aronica , Modesto Missiroli Tognozzi ( dal 77' Cozza ), Barreto , Vigiani (dal 52' Amoruso 6), Brienza Ceravolo (dal 46' Makinwa ).

All. Ulivieri

Arbitro: Banti di Livorno,

Ammoniti: Aquilani al 26': Cicinho al 62'; Valdez al 75'

Recuperi:1' pt; 3'st

Key matchups

Roma vs the Net :
2 of them scored, none conceded. A clean sheet is always welcome. Not that much more to say except that De Rossi should have scored on his best chance.

Campagnolo vs Roma:
He managed a couple of decent saves but dealt badly with at least 2 clearances. Wasn’t his best game, but there was nothing he could do against this determined Roma. Maybe not Giallorossi # 2 keeper material.

Luciano Spalletti vs his Brain:

Way to go Lucio ! Smart substitutions, you played Aqui and Cici from the get go and you left Ferrari on the bench. Not to mention,Your 3 subs were used wisely That’s the Spal we all love.
This is what I said in the preview: Ps : PLAY CICINHO FROM THE START GOD DAMN IT!
Thank you Spal. It wasn’t the mini brazillian’s best performance, but at least he gets the chance to adapt to Serie A quicker. He looked good on Defence, but Cicinho still seems timid about letting shots fly and running hard at the opposition. I can’t wait for him to find his groove and look like the Cicinho who played against AC Milan.

Molson 3 Stars of the Game;

Giuly : He was nowhere to be found during the game. Then he weaved through 3 reggina defenders to smack a ball on goal, Manicini scores off the rebound. Those 7 seconds of sheer brilliance was enough to earn him the 3rd star.
Mancini : I don’t know if it’s because the Serie A training regimens gets players at their peak potential during the final stretch of the season, but Amantino is light years away from the sad, unproductive player he was at the start of the season. I’m ecstatic at the fact that Mancini is constantly putting his head down and running at defences. He didn’t’ manage to be as efficient as usual this time. However, He still managed some decent crosses and shots and was dangerous enough to score off Giuly’s insane individual action.

De Rossi
: My MOTM. This guy does all the dirty work; this guy’s a total monster!
He was everywhere on the field today, EVERYWHERE it’s impossible that he’s not even 25 yet! DDR is a part of every counter attack, either initiating ours after winning the ball or shutting down the opposition’s. This kid is the future of Roma and the Azzurri. Daje Daniele !

Grazie Roma
envoyé par scrivo30

As of now, only 5 points separate us from Inter so Forza Catania !