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Lots of Lunedì Leftovers

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You ain’t goin’ nowhere Aqui !

Black, Blue and Aquilani.

I’ll deal with Aquilani situation. It’s a little too e Sensitive a subject for Chris to tackle. I mean it would be like a surgeon operating on his own kid! Your judgement can be too impaired if you’re too emotionally involved. We don’t want Chris to say some words he might regret in the future…

First things first, Alberto Aquilani is NOT going to Inter!

These little words prompted a media frenzy and stroke panic in the hearts of all Giallorossi. Let’s all calm down !

This is what Alberto said :

"Penso e credo che firmerò il rinnovo con la Roma - ha detto il romano - anche se per il futuro non si sa e, lo ammetto, qualche volta mi è capitato di immaginare come starei nel centrocampo di Mancini: è un allenatore che mi stima e la cosa mi fa piacere".

*I think i’m going to renew my contract, even if you can’t predict the future. It happened to me to imagine how I would fit in Mancini’s Midfield. I’m glad The Inter coach thinks I’m good.

Hell, I could imagine myself in Inter’s midfield. I see myself now; handling balls in my own penalty area all the time. He starts off by saying he thinks he’s going to renew his contract. This is just some media overhypation because there’s nothing else to talk about during the International break but papers and still need to sell ads.

Anyway, Alberto’s contract doesn’t expire for another 2 years; we can take it easy for now. If Alberto changes his agent for the Becali brothers, then we can start freaking out.
This is what he told today that : Aho!, who’s going where ?

More precisely ; "Vado via da Roma? Macché, sono solo voci".

I think Rosella said it best when she declared:

''Non siamo disposti a trattare Aquilani. E' nostro e resterà con noi"

Wich pretty much means, Moratti you and your checkbook should lust over someone else. Aquilani’s ours biotch !

Inter can’t grow talent to save their lives, Moratti must be a shitty gardener. That don’t mean you need to come and piss off the teams who grow incredible homegrown stuff,
Oil money can’t buy everything Massimo, so go purchase Gerrard, Lampard or Quaresma, but please fuck off! !

Some people cough, channel4 cough, have said that even Luciano Spalletti lashed out at Alberto in the media.

Here’s what Spalletti really said;

Noi vogliamo calciatori che abbiano senso di disponibilità, la volontà del calciatore è fondamentale, la possibilità di andare avanti con la Roma e di giocare dipendono molto dalla volontà del giocatore e se qualcuno ha altre velleità si ascolteranno le ragioni di tutti. E' un problema economico? Credo che l'ingaggio di Aquilani non sfori il tetto d'ingaggi stabilito dalla società".

*The desire of a player is important to us. It depends of Aquilani, if he has that desire. Because I don’t think it’s an economical problem, our salary cap is adequate for Aquilani’s talent

What Spal was trying to say is that he’s pissed off at all this anteing up done through the media. He hates the fact that Agents use the Media to up prices and get better contract offers for their clients because of silly speculation. I think this summers Chivu situation was one too many for him.

Speaking of Chivu-esque situations: Seems like Ferrari saw the bench against Reggina because the guy won’t sign. Spalletti’ll treat him like he did with Cassano before he left, to not play him until he signs or until all the CB’s (including Cassetti and Panucci, unless they're hit with the bubonic plague and leprosy, respectively) Anyways, I hear Jéremie Mathieu would gladly play your position better but for a cheaper price. You’re not getting Mexes money dumb ass!

Simone Perrotta wants that raise he was promised: Looks like Simone Perrotta was pissed at being a late sub for the Reggina match after starring (ok maybe not starring, but he played good) in the Italy game. He passed by the Roma front offices today to remind them that they promised him a little pay increase. Simone isn’t being an Ass, he’s just reminding his employer of that raise he was promised, like any normal under appreciated employee should do . I hope my boss is reading this!

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No Richarlyson :

The (do not insert inappropriate joke here) Brazilian midfielder won’t be coming to Roma after all. He has sworn eternal love to Sao Paolo, and vows to honour her for better or worst!

Alessio Cerci scored a brace for Pisa this weekend, he even did the Taddei heart beat celebration! The young Romanista has now scored 10 goals in Serie B this season.

at the 40 second Mark, he gets Pisa Merda's 1st and 3rd ...

This kid has had a complete turnaround compared to his time in Brescia laste year. Is he ready to come back to Roma next year?

Chi cresce nel settore giovanile della Roma sogna di tornare a Trigoria prima o poi. Bisogna valutare se la società mi vuole davvero. Solo a quel punto potremmo parlare del mio futuro. So che sarebbe difficile ritagliarmi uno spazio nella squadra di Spalletti, vista la grande quantità di campioni che ci sono. Ora devo solamente aspettare

And wait we will, but I’m pretty positive Luciano Spalletti, Pradè and Bruno Conti will want to have a long look at the youngster during next season’s training camp.

Mancini contract negotiations looking good:

"Sul rinnovo del contratto ci stiamo lavorando. Ciò che manca sono soltanto alcuni dettagli che vanno inseriti nelle clausole. Credo e spero che tutto si risolverà nel minor tempo possibile"

Amantino has declared that almost everything is done for his contract. The GialloRossi and Mancini only need to work out little clauses and it should be done soon. Let’s hope all of this is true. Being a fan of Livorno, have come to be used to the Management and the players liying their asses off. But I get the feeling Mancini is serious

Funny how in half a season I went from screaming ''Move your lazy fuckin’ ass, Mancini!'' to ''That’s it Amantino, Run at the Defence!''. Must be that girl Manuela Arcuri hooked him up with. I guess, this confirms that Mancini plays his best when he’s getting regular sex.

Forza Ragazzi, In Bocca al Lupo !