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Martedi Mercato ; Matteo Moves to Milan ?

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bye-bye-ferrari.jpgNot exactly the same stripes, but you get the idea

Ferrari’s contract at Roma is ending at the end of the season and his renewal isn’t going well.

Seems like Matteo Ferrari is headed to AC Milan next year! The Defender, who was signed from Parma 3 years ago, has seemingly left on a bosman. Il Tempo, an Italian newspaper, is reporting that Matteo Ferrari did everything he could to sign an extension with Roma but AC Milan have all but officially signed the player.

The Algerian born, Central Defender has seemingly accepted a 4 year contract offer that’ll pay him 10 M$ over the next 4 seasons. That’s 4 M$ more than Roma was offering the defender. I’m pretty sure that with 10M$ dollars, Roma can afford a decent backup, maybe even better than Ferrari. Especially seeing that OMR can slot in to CB quite well.

Nothing is official, Neither the Roma or AC Milan website have confirmed the deal, but Il tempo is a way more accurate/reliable news source than so let’s see what happens in the next few days….

Ferrari has only played 9 times this year for Roma, and hasn’t featured in the Azzurri squad since 2004. The defender is free to negotiate with anybody.

Ferrari had this to say last week;

"I have never found myself in this kind of situation and I must say that I am not pleased, but I must think of my future, my chances of staying at Roma are 50 out of 100.”

I like Matteo Ferrari as a backup; he was good enough to captain Cesare Prandelli’s Parma. Matteo is a very decent 3rd choice CB but I don’t think he lived up to his potential. Unfortunately, the 28 year old defender doesn’t seem to agree with me;

This is what he said this week when a reporter asked him if he felt inferior to Juan or Mexès ;

"I confirm that I do not feel inferior even to those who play in the national team,”

“The coach has had other ideas, but I always hope for a return to the Azzurri. I am not trying to be arrogant, but when I am in form I fear no attacker.”

Maybe you aren’t trying to be arrogant Matteo, but what do you call someone who claims that he’s not inferiror to Fabio Cannavaro, Juan, Mexes and Marco Materazzi. When you name is Matteo Ferrari you’re not being arrogant, you’re being a pompous ass!

Let me steal a phrase from Blog comment bouncer Daniele by saying; don’t let the door hit your donkey on the way out, Matteo !