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Video Of The Day : Bad V- DAY ? Need No Fear…

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…Tim Minchin is here!

For those who had a bad V- Day (Valentine’s day, not Beppe Grillo's Vaffanculo day) caused by a non-valentine having situation or just because that romantic supper turned into to a fiery discussion about how you're not in touch with your inner emotions or because you don’t put the fuckin’ toilet seat down, here’s a little something to make you feel better. (Or a solution to your romantic problems, for those of you with a look on life that may be a little more cynical then the rest)

Maybe it’s just because I work at Just For Laughs, but there’s a little soccer/football link as well. In this optic, I offer you some good old reliable relationship musical humour.

Hope it makes you smile!

and for you happy couples out there, here's another one

Now Bring On Juventus! (Btw, preview will be up eventually)