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An Open Letter to Luciano...

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We’re now 11 point away from Argentina, Fark!


What a crappy day in football. Breakfast in front of an Inter win (to the hands of Livorno, di piu !) Followed by an afternoon with DP and ADP. Awful, just plain woeful!I’d especially like to thank Pavel Nedved for living up to his ex Lazio player reputation.

I’m sorry, but this review won’t be rational because I’m doing it at light speed and am completely pissed at the moment. There are so many things i'd like to say to Spalletti right about now. So i decided to write him a nice little letter...

If you want a ''real'' review, head on here!

An open letter to Spalletti ;

Luciano ! You botched the starting formation and subsequent subs. This loss is your fault. To take a goal like we did, is understandable, Del Piero just stroke the ball extremely well. Doni got to it, but couldn’t steer it clear of goal. Not to mention, the dubiousness of the foul that gave way to the free kick in the 1st place. I don’t want to blame the referee for anything in this game, I think the calls were fair on each side today. But I do want to blame you! I’m not calling for your head, I’m a big fan of your work but you read the game with the same talent David Pizarro does! (contrary to what you think, it’s not a compliment) I understand you had no strikers on the bench but still, what the hell?

Here are a couple of things you need to work on;

The starting line- up should have looked like this

Cicinho/OMR, Ferrari, Mexes, Tonetto
De Rossi, Aquilani
Cassetti, Giuly, Mancini

You can even try out Aquilani as a trequartista if you can’t imagine Pocket Pizarro out of the line up. Aquilani needs to be there from the start or at least right after half time.

If Roma’s playing like shit; SCREAM, You bald bastard! Please learn how to fire up your squad. We’ve spoke about this before; get ejected, do something crazy!

When Perrotta’s playing like that, PUT IN GIULY! It’s simple, just call to the shortest Frenchman on the bench, crouch down, ass slap him and then send him in.

When you saw Taddei play like crap why didn’t you do anything!? Here’s a solution
Push up Cassetti and bring in Cicinho. I know Cicinho can be a defensive liability but he’s also an offensive weapon. When we need a goal, we need Cicinho, remember the AC Milan game? When Dani Alves says you’re a better player than he is, it means you’re good fuckin’ awesome! You don’t leave 10M$ on the pine!

You need to work on an alternate formation for when shit hits the fan. 4-4-2, 3-5-2, hell a 5-5-0 if it helps, but spice things up !

Don’t get me wrong, no one is calling for your head but you screwed up big time Spal. We here, at the Roma offside, have decided to officially strip you of the TGIP title; you have now been demoted to Imperial poobah ‘til further notice! And that further notice better come on Tuesday!


A pissed off Romanista !


Key Matchups

Philippe Mexes v Pavel Nedved:

All I have to say is ; Fuck Pavel Nedved. He represents everything I hate about soccer, haircut, dives and all. What would you expect from a Laziale at heart.

Pre-Winter Break Totti v Post-Winter Break Totti:

Francesco needs to get his shit together before the Real game. The Golden boy pulled a Houdini today.


MARCATORI: 45’ Del Piero

JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Buffon ; Zebina , Legrottaglie , Chiellini , Molinaro ; Camoranesi (46’ Nocerino ), Zanetti C. , Nedved (81’ Palladino ); Del Piero , Trezeguet (68’ Sissoko ), Iaquinta .

All. Ranieri

ROMA (4-2-3-1): Doni 5; Cassetti 5,5, Mexes 5,5, Ferrari 5,5, Tonetto 5.5; De Rossi 6,5, Pizarro 4,5 (73’ Aquilani 6); Taddei 5,5 (60’ Giuly 5,5), Perrotta 5,5 (82’ Esposito , Mancini 6; Totti 5.

All. Spalletti 3,5.

ARBITRO: Saccani

AMMONITI: Mexes, Chiellini, Mancini, Nocerino

Not the whole highlights, but pretty much sums up the game :

Forza Ragazzi, C'è solo la Roma, Prepariamoci alla grande per il Real Madrid, Forza Lupi !