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Tensions mount as Roma await Real


Reports say That Aquilani poked fun at Panucci and a little scuffle ensued. OMR was supposedly speaking to Mexès about getting a Tattoo when Alberto butted in to say '' You should get one of you sitting on the bench in Turin !'' Zing!

OMR, like the Wu Tang Clan, ain’t nothin’ to fuck with and tempers flared, the 2 needed to be separated but no blows were thrown. Thank god, imagine KA being out of the Real clash because of a Panucci caused busted eye. Not so good for Roma, but TheOffside would have loved this story, it would have been up there next with the legendary English Sex Scandals!

The tensions are high in the squad, the competition for a RB spot is hardcore and it’s normal that some players are PMS-ing.

Spalletti isn’t stressed out :

i ragazzi hanno avuto un comportamento corretto. Non si può parlare di caso, perchè la cosa si è sviluppata in una maniera molto contenuta. La tensiona è positiva!
The kids acted okay. You can’t talk of a problem because the situation developed itself in a contained way. Tension is positive!

We’ve all played in organized sports as kids or now, and innocuous jokes that escalate into a pissing contest happen all the time. It’s just that they don’t usually find their way to the media’s huge ear. Best case, this situation unifies the squad and they can use this to their advantage.

This stupid scuffle could have all been killed in the egg; instead of taking offense to what young stud Alberto –KA – Aquilani said, Panucci should have said something like; ‘’ Yeah and you should get one of your face after one of your bi-monthly groin snaps kid!’’

*The Dentist will be in shortly with a Real Preview, in the meantime, feel free to check my ass while i walk out the room

Now bring on that white wearing Real Madrid !