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An Assortment of Hodgepodge

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t1_grosso.jpg15 Questions

Reader Tick Tick Tick (given name, I presume) handed out this little questionnaire earlier in the week and I thought it was fantastic. So I figured I'd answer it, and if you haven't, I suggest you do the same. (YouTubers where applicable.)

1.) All time world cup moment?

Fabio Grosso. World Cup Semi-finals. Dortmund. 119th minute. Left peg. Back of the net.

This is half about the goal and half about the celebration. I know I've mentioned it once, twice, a thousand times - it's quite possibly my favorite goal celebration of all-time. So fantastic because I didn't believe it, you didn't believe it.....and Fabio Grosso sure as hell didn't believe it.

The lanky fullback from the capital who'd spent much of his career in the calcio dungeons heaped the hopes and dreams of a nation onto his back and dropped them off in Berlin with an exquisite ball into the side netting. It was a moment, and a celebration, which will live on in legend.

2.) One Roma match in history you wish you had attended?

This one's simple enough: June 17th, 2001.

3.) One Roma scoreline you wish you could reverse?

1-1, Liverpool, 1984.....for Ago.

4.) Five favorite Roma players past or present?

I think this is more difficult for American fans because when I was a kid, meaningful football games on television came in the form of exorbitant PPV costs (at least in my area) and the occasional midday fixture while I was away at school wishing I wasn't away at school (and the elaborate am/fm radio setup for midday Red Sox games which I'd weaved into one of my jackets didn't pick up footy - yes, I still somehow made it to college) . It's only been recently (last 5+ years) that regular viewing has been possible, which obviously makes a difference. So chances are I'd have enjoyed some legends of old much more had I been given the opportunity to watch them consistently. (Unless they were HUGE, ya know.)

1. Daniele De Rossi
2. Francesco Totti
3. Damiano Tommasi
4. Aldair
5. *

* - This spot is being reserved for one Alberto Aquilani. (He's close, but not yet.)

(Had I been around longer, I can guarantee Agostino Di Bartolomei would be on top.)

5.) Five favorite players to have never played for Roma past or present?

Ah, shit. I'm not sure I have five. Or three. I don't really do favorites for other team. Favorite five to watch?

1. Luca Toni - he's a fave.
2. Steven Gerrard - ditto.
3. Maldini.
4. Andrea Pirlo. If heaven were simply an eternity watching him direct an attack, well, you wouldn't hear a peep from me. (I wouldn't be watching Totti because he's God and he'd be sitting right next to me, duh.)
5. Xabi Alonso. I love playmakers. What can I say? (Bet you didn't see that coming.)

6.) Maradona or Pele?

Ummm, Pele, I guess. I'm not a huge fan of either. (Nothing to do with their play.)

7.) Inzaghi or Vieri?

Neither? The only reason I wanted Bobo at Roma was to keep the material flowing. Other than that, he's a jackass.

8.) Baggio or Zola?

The Divine One.

9) Zoff or Buffon?


10.) Least favorite player of all time, past or present?

The only way I could hate Cristiano Ronaldo more is if he donned black & blue, baby blue or a prison uniform any time in the future. If anyone deserves a career ending injury, it's him. (I'd gladly provide it.)

(Figo is up there. Ditto for Nedved, even if he does have spectacular hair.)

11.) Do you have a second club?


12.) One player right now you would add to Roma, past or present, dead or alive?

This one's tough. My first thought was Steven Gerrard to slot into Simone's place because of his similar attributes (engine, stamina, defensive ability, attacking ability, etc) all while having the ability to finish, but I'm not sure how well he'd work with Roma's quick ball work on the floor. Plus, a lot of his danger comes just beyond the box when he's given the opportunity to unleash those missiles, not necessarily when sneaking into position in the box. Not that he couldn't.

Of course then there's Luca Toni, who can do that finishing thing fairly well. Could cherry pick from Barca's roster - Messi, Eto'o, Bojan. Then I realized I could go old school as well.

Funny thing is I thought about this the other day, and this guy made the news on Wednesday. In the end, it's easy: Johan Cruijff. I don't care, pick a position, he could play it and he could provide a whole lot of what this Roma team needs. Could you imagine a pairing of Francesco and Cruijff? Mamma mia....

13.) One football dream you wish to see in your lifetime?

Next spring, at the Olimpico, Il Capitano hoisting the Champions League trophy in front of his fans, his city.

14.) Most prized football possession?

An early 90's (think '92) Roberto Baggio Azzurri shirt I found at a thrift shop in East Nowhere Massachusetts for the grand total of $1.25. Clearly the world is mad to allow that sort of thievery to occur. (You can't beat that.)

* - I'm not sure it's "prized", but it's awesome.

15.) Finally, who is the best player in the world right now?

Ready for this? Daniele De Rossi.

Arrivederci, Matteo

“The conditions for a renewal at Roma aren’t there,” he stated in Il Tempo.

“In June I will be leaving, but I will give my all until the end of my last game for the Giallorossi.

“I have become used to being whistled and I expected it after there were reports that I had already agreed a deal with Milan.

“But I want to make it clear that I haven’t come to any agreement with anyone – I just won’t be staying here.”

Now if only he weren't so evasive on the subject....

Pretty cut and dried, eh? You're watching the final few months of Matteo's Roman career. Take pictures, get out the video cameras, keep the programs and newspaper clippings....we're headed for The Matteo Ferrari Farewell Tour.

This has been a long time coming. The guy wanted to be paid more money than he deserved, more money than he's worth (by Roman standards, at least). Matteo had a very welcomed solid run of form a few weeks back, but there's little to think he's worth starter cash for this team. He's a backup, doesn't appear he'll ever be anything more than a backup, and this may very well be a blessing in disguise. Lord knows what's happening with Marco Andreolli up in the northeast, and we know Old Man River isn't going in the other direction, so this could usher in a nice signing for next year to fill Matteo's blacker than black boots. (And I also suspect OMR just became the 3rd centerback, if he isn't already.)

So, let's hope Matteo goes out with a bang and some serious silverware. He is/was a good and serviceable player, but he's replaceable. Very, very replaceable.

(Go away, Kuffour.)

* - I also realize this could be an incredibly brilliant negotiating move, I just doubt it is.

A Jet Stream of Bullshit, aka The News.

I) The Brazilian Chuck Norris has a contusion, which on the scale of devastating injuries is just below AIDS and right above decapitation. Remember when His Francesconess got the contusion? Six weeks. God, they bought Chivu to replace Chivu. Only this one can dance better and doesn't smell like Marlboro Reds and cat urine. (Alright, I made that up. I bet Chivu is a Kool Ultra Lights kinda gal.)

* - That's me being overly dramatic. I have no idea how long he'll be out and neither does Roma News, and they get Roman info just after God creates it. Suffice it to say, he's out for the weekend.

Saturday's game is going to be devoid of Brazlians (mostly). Amantino is out with a suspension, though he's also got a bit of a knock. So that's good. The one game Roma could maybe kinda sorta afford to rest people they'll be without some other keys guys necessarily. I swear, there's a Giallorossi voodoo doll somewhere.

* - Or maybe getting the suspension over with during a game he's injured for anyway would be best. That would be logical.

Nope, I don't care. I'm grumpy. Damn voodoo doll.

I know this is prolly too far down on the list, but..............Cicinho wants out.

Does anybody blame him? The guy's 27, will be 28 in the summer, and played a whole 25 games for Real Madrid over two years, andnow he's 3rd in line for Roma. He's not a spring chicken, he wants to play while he still can, and if true, I really can't blame him.

That said, who knows. His agent is denying....

Probable formation for Saturday via Roma News.

Panucci (Cicinho), Ferrari, Mexes, Tonetto;
De Rossi, Pizarro (Aquilani);
Taddei, Perrotta, Vucinic;

If Pizaman starts the next two games against Fiorentina and Inter I'm revolting and doing something drastic. A drastic revolt, that's what.

I know you've probably seen this. Worth another look.

VI) Little FYI/FFR: Tracked down by edge at, the list of Serie A players out of contract in the summer.

Alberto (Siena); Adani (Empoli); Balleri (Livorno); Balli (Empoli); Ballotta (Lazio); Bega (Cagliari); Bertotto (Siena); Birindelli (Juventus); Cafu (Milan); Cardone (Parma); Castellazzi (Samp); Cesar (Inter); Coly (Parma); Cordoba (Inter); Corini (Torino); Couto (Parma); De Rosa (Genoa); Favalli (Milan); Ferrari (Roma); Figo (Inter); Fontana (Palermo); Fontana (Torino); Fortin (Cagliari); Frick (Siena); Langella (Atalanta); Lazetic (Torino); Liverani (Fiorentina); Maldini (Milan); Morfeo (Parma); Nedved (Juventus); Orlandoni (Inter); Ronaldo (Milan); Serginho (Milan); Solari (Inter); Tare (Lazio); Ujfalusi (Fiorentina); Vieri (Fiorentina).

I've bolded the names of the players I'd like to see in Rome next year.

Alright, I've been searching for crap to write about to avoid this longer, because I don't do pats on the back well, but I've got to thank everyone who voted for me in the Soccerlens Awards. I won Best Blogger of 2007 from The People, which is pretty damn cool. So here come the thank yous:

• Rosella & Co., for not inking Chivu to an extension two years ago, completely fucking up his transfer and giving me a springboard to start this little page off. Without Chivugate, who the hell knows where I'd be. A never-was, probably.

• Lulu Gulu, for proving to me that, yes, I can change my hatreds despite my severe phobia of midgetized Frenchmen who have slept with Raymond Domenech's wife's schnoz. (The list is a lot longer than you'd think.)

• David Pizarro, for giving me a reason to wake up in the morning.

• The David Pizarro Nut-Huggers Fan Club, chaired by JCS and vice-chaired by maro, for making me want to stay in bed in the morning. (I kid, I kid. I'll see "the light", eventually.)

• Daniele De Rossi, for making me seriously question, if he asked, whether or not I'd have his babies.

• Francesco Totti, for making this page relevant.

• Christian Wilhelmsson, for making me angry enough to desire a platform to vent on any and all things Chippen. (There, I said it, that's the real reason I started.)

• The good people at Illy, for keeping me awake long enough to spew out slightly logical crap on a semi-daily basis.

• The Grand Imperial Poobah, for being so damn lovable.

• And of course, to you, the readers, who have taken this page to places well beyond what I ever could have imagined. I never thought I could enjoy this as much as I do, and it's all down to you. Grazie.