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In Bocca Al Lupo !

* Azzurrini update right here !

Hi guys, I'm Marco form The Livorno page a.k.a. Marco420, some of you might remember me from comments such as: ''Forza Roma !'' and ''Cicinho is a Star, Spal needs to learn how to substitute !'' and the donation of pictures such as these
(sounds better if you say it out loud with a voice à la Troy Mcclure)

I'll be helping Chris out to bring you up to date with as many juicy roman tidbits as the Internet permits. Please don't expect my posts to be remotely as smart or entertaining as Chris's can be. All I'm saying is that I posses about as much English vocabulary as a 6 year old Mexican kid, so please bring your expectations down to a minimum.

However, I'm a huge Tifoso Giallorosso , I pledge to blindly honour the Homegrown Roman Trio and gratuitously piss on David Pizzaro from time to time.

* I'll try to throw something up as soon as I can. In the mean time, feel free to give out pointers and criticize the hell out of me

I'll try to concoct some sort of Azzurri preview later

And yes, I am completely avoiding the Siena game subject

Forza Ragazzi !