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Bronzetti Speaks about Roma’s Mercato !

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Ernesto Bronzetti, Famous La Liga Mediator, the man who brokered the Cicinho and Giuly deals, the fat, bald, stereotypical Italian peddler, always has something to say. For no justifiable reason whatsoever, I picture Bronzetti as that stereotypical overweight, half bald, Cigar Smoking Italian uncle with a pinkie ring, in the ''export-import'' business, a Classless version of Tony Soprano, cause we all know how much class our Favorite Jersey Mobster has.

To me, Bronzetti’s an upgraded, more lawyer-ish version of that guy. That’s why I can’t get enough of Ernie! He recently gave an interview to Ilromanista recently about the Mercato and Roma in general. Here’s what the man said...

• Disclaimer/Warning: This is a Free Translation, the original interview was conducted by Daniele Giannini and can be found here

(It helps to picture the interviewer as a Smart ass with a jersey/Italian accent and hands moving all over the place)

So Ernie, what about Roma and them fucking up in the transfer market, their Mercato sbagliato?

Ma, Are you for real? Talking about Mercato sbagliato is absurd, it makes no sense, it’s just stupid! I’d like to remind you; Roma is 2nd right now, still in the Champions and already qualified for the Coppa Semi-final! Not only that, Roma always ends their fiscal years with a little profit. Minchia! Compare the Inter books to the ones from Roma and you’ll see! Without these recent little referee shortcomings, Roma and Inter would only be 2 points a part and you wouldn’t be saying that

All right, But Siena them, they didn’t field any of the new signings when they beat us last Sunday?

? Look, I know Spal and I know that he’s comfortable with his current squad. For the Siena game, I don’t know? It was just one game, they didn’t play well whatever. But to say they messed up on the transfer market is a paradox.

Yeah, but even Spal said they had the chance to land a center forward!

Aho, Ma, Who? I heard names like Roberto Sosa and Bjelanovitches, something like that, i don’t even know if it was true. But why would you need them? They have Vucinic, it’s hard to get one better than Vucinic in January

Me, I want to know what do we need for the Summer ?

The only way to better this roster is to go for the Gold!

I don’t get it ?

Roma need to buy 2 guys, just 2. But stars porco dio, not those Wilhemsson coglionis , STARS i tell ya ! Roma needs to spend Minimum 30M$ They purchase two, 15M$ stars, or one at 20 and the other at 10, or one at 25 and...You need at least 30 M$, i’ll take only 1-2 of them in the end

Then you have to think about renewing your contracts, which is difficult with that Salary Cap, without it things would be simpler in Trigoria. Roma needs to check the wallet unlike Moratti and his Inter di Merda! Roma has half the Team salary of Inter, and without those bad decisions, the table would be vicino, vicino

But us Romanisti are tired of this shit, we are tired of being ''close'' to Inter !

You need to understand it’s a different reality now, the last time Roma won the scudetto they almost had to close down shop the next year. They have to win without losing money, that’s the objective. If i have a BMW and i’m running behind a Ferrari, me, i know i’ll always be second !

Said like that we’re fucked !?

It’s not always the team that spends the most that wins. I was speaking to Prade and Conti the other day and we agreed on the fact that a strange game like the Siena one can happen to anybody.

Everybody in Europe is taking about Roma! I was talking to Florentino Perez the other day and he was watching the Roma game when i called.
Roma has a beautiful system and everybody knows it!

Back to the Mercato, How the fuck is Roma gonna spend 30 M$ ?

By Beating Real in the Champions League ! I hope they do , Ramon Calderon knows i’m a Milanista , But Roma’s my 2nd favorite Italian squad.

The Tifosi need to remain calm, Prade, Conti and Tempestilli are a fantastic group. I’m not even trying to kiss ass here, every time i talk to Conti or Prade about a player i just discovered, they already have a file opened to guy’s name! It’s incredibile, they’re on top of their game.

Ma! They fuck up often pero ?

Who doesn’t make mistakes ? Magari, They could have picked up another Striker, but a star, the prostitute in the trunk, uh, i mean the frosting on the cupcake. Someone like Trezeguet or a Pato. Or a future star like Huntelaar or Benzema! But i’m talking out of my ass here, i don’t think these players are purchasable. Maybe another defender, but the truth is Everybody can win spending like Inter spends.EVERYBODY! Inter is a freakin’ Battleship !
Like they say in my neighborhood. They can make Eggs with a Rooster !

This is the last thing is say, Tifoso to tifoso, Man-o a man-o, This organization knows how to work. Just wait !


Are you excited ?

I know Traian is ;

Yep, according to Bronzetti (and me a couple of weeks ago when Roma did not spend a euro cent in the transfer window)…Roma will be spending this summer like they haven’t done it in 7 years or so! Can’t waiiiiit!!!

This goes out to you guys ;

So who can we go get with those 30 M$ ?

Gilardino, Baptista, Pazzini, Quagliarella ,Huntelaar, Lucio , Diego , Elmander, Gomes...

Who do we need ? Who do we want ? What’s realistic ?

Is Bronzetti talking because he knows some things we dont ?

Roma isn’t stupid, they obviously don’t have a Chel$ki, Real Madrid or AC Milan budget but they still are part of the big boys. They belong to the upper middle class of Football, not aristocrats yet but Bourgeois for sure ! So they know they need to spend a lot of Vecchia Lira, and do it smartely. And it all starts with us kicking Real Madrid 's ass

The organization knows that the next CL Final will be held in Rome, they’ll want to bet there.
Let's remember that the last time Roma played a European Cup final, it was in Rome....

Forza Ragazzi !