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Roma- Reggina, Bring on the Basement Boys

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It’s on Saturday!?! My bad, completely forgot

Roma - Reggina

Roma will be welcoming southern basement boys Reggina to the Olympico on Saturday night. La Magica is looking to prove that the Siena game was only a little bump on the road to the scudetto and will most likely get back to their winning ways against Reggina. Roma will still need to be weary of Reggina’s fighting spirit. A man’ll do anything if he thinks his life is in jeopardy. So I hope Roma won’t underestimate a Reggina team in all out survival mode. The Calabresi have probably already watched the Siena gama and are looking at it for some pointers and inspiration.

Spaletti said it this week, even Bronzetti did, a bad game like the Siena can happen once in a season, so Reggina can’t count on another sub-par Roman performance.

Fortunately enough, the game isn’t in Tuscany so there’s a 98 % chance we come out with all 3 points. Di Piu, it’ll be in front of our faithful Fans (Someone better go celebrate a goal under the Curva ! )

Seeing how I like Livorno (come on! You know you want to click on it !) , Roma NEEDS to kick Reggina’s ass on Saturday, not only that , Roma need to pick up these 3 points right before the dreaded gauntlet of games that are coming back soon. (Same thing as the beginning of the season, only this time change Man U for Franco’s beloved white wearing Real Madrid.)

Here are the Convocati for the clash with Reggina.

PIT (HA! Ha!)
ZOTTI (HA ! hA !)

Absentees: Juan a.k.a. J-Smooth a.k.a. Chivu who? and Gianluca Curci are the only players missing.

Starting Line-Ups:

Roma a.k.a. La Magica a.k.a Go suck a lemon Lazio !


Panucci (Fuck It!) CICINHO, Ferrari, Mexes, Tonetto;

De Rossi, Pizarro;

Taddei, Giuly, Mancini;


It’s Ferrari time once again. I’d rather have Panucci-Mexes as CB’s and get Cicinho on the field. Hell as long is Cicinho’s on the pitch before the 88th minute, I‘ll be happy. Giuly will probably start in front of Superrotta ! There’s a 50% chance Vucinic starts instead of the Golden Boy.
Pizarro gets the chance to do what he was bought for, unlock 15 man defenses that play in their own zone all game long. (that was a positive thing about the Piza ! Sorry Chris )


Cirillo, Valdez, Aronica, Modesto;
Barreto, Tognozzi, Hallfredsson; Vigiani,
Brienza; Amoruso

There’s a chance Ulivieri will play old Roman boy, Maurizio Lanzaro from the get go. It’ll be between him and Bruno Cirillo. Brienza is the only notable new addition to this squad; Cirillo’s only famous because Marco Materazzi likes to punch him in the mouth.

Renzo Ulivieri, the most communist of Serie A coaches, will be able to count on everybody on his roster. A part from, Makinwa and Brazilian Striker Inacio Joelson. Reggina is coming off an woeful defeat at the hands of Torino and they’ll want to change their luck against the Gialorossi. Last year, they managed to draw our favourite Roman squad (Fuck You Lazio! Uncalled for but pleasant)

Nico Amoruso is always dangerous and Luca Vigiani is doing well enough on the wings to have garnered a little bit of attention from Roma during the winter market. Not good enough to punish us, but good enough to break our balls

The Calabresi will want to earn at least 1 point from this game, they need to get out of the relegation zone. Sorry Reggina, you picked the wrong team at the wrong time….

This is what happened last time

Key matchups

Luciano Spalletti vs his Brain:

3 subs PER game dude, 3!!!

Come on Spal, even Roberto Donadoni has showed that he can substitute during the game. If something goes wrong this time, like the Siena game, you have to change things up Spal ! How about getting mad on the sidelines? A little emotion Spal ! Throw some chairs, get ejected, scream, kick other coaches in the ass…! Do whatever it takes to do to get the guys running and playing hard. As long as you manage to fire up your team!

We all know a team like Roma needs emotion, momentum and enthusiasm to get the best play possible out of them. When it’s lacking, the coach needs to bring it back. I’m sure the Fans will try their best to be the 12th man on the pitch.


Roma vs the Net :

The object of the game is to kick the ball in the net. Now if Luciano could just remind his squad that the team who scores the most goals wins.... Simple no! If Francesco is healthy enough, it shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand I get the feeling this Reggina isn't one where Roma should risk playing an unfit Totti.

Se no, I hope De Rossi and Aquilani remember that they can score from long range with their respective canon shots.

Campagnolo vs Roma:

The ex Giallorossi GK always manages to bring his best when he plays his old club.

He’s the Netminder who told Totti he’d stop his rigore because he always shoots to the right, and he did! This guy would be an excellent back-up when Gianlaca Curci finally goes out on loan.


I get the feeling Roma need to get a 7-0 out of their system. I hope it’ll be a blow-out, like that the Juventini will shut the hell up about moving up on Roma. You’ll never catch us! Anyways you should be looking behind you at Milan instead….


Cicinho, Totti on a rigore and De Rossi and one goal for Hallfredsson

When ?: 20h30 CET, 14h30 EST

Where ?: Stadio Olympico Roma

Why? : So we can fuck over Inter (whiny Bitches) by the end of the season.

Forecast: WTF ?

Streaming: Here

Forza Ragazzi ! Forza La Magica! Forza Roma !

This isn’t Roma, Roma, Roma but the song is a hell of a lot better!