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Luciano Spalletti knows about Turnover ?!?

This will be short and sweet (ok maybe not sweet, but definitely short) seeing how the game starts in about 27 minutes as of…now.


Roma start their crucial month of March with a game in Parma, If you don’t believe me ask Francesco! You’d think that after an emotionally charged encounter with Inter we’d have at least 6 days to get over it, But Serie A don’t play that way. They like to have their biggest games on Wednesdays, Rome derby included. Add that to the fact Roma’s travelling to Madrid in less than 4 days and you get… Turnover!?!?

What!? Spalletti knows what turnover is ?! (Hey Spal, Why not try a 4-4-1-1 while your at it ? Remember how Lippi used Totti as a supporting striker in Germany ? They went on to win the WC so maybe Lippi was onto something by playing Jesus in the same position he’d been playing for his whole life. Stick Vucinic up top and let him poach and hold the ball up !) Looks like Brighi and Esposito might make it into the line-up and OMR a.k.a The Panuchster a.k.a. 1940’s haircut will be moving to CB for this game. (If the Gazzetta isn’t lying) But don’t worry, there won’t be any Adrian Pit(z) sightings

This is why this game’s a dangerous one. Let’s remember Parma gave Inter a run for their money the last time they played. And if it wasn’t for bad refereeing (Yup!), The Parma Prosciutto Posse would have snatched a well deserved 3 points from that encounter. I have no idea why the Tardini outfit is hanging out with Lazio and Livorno at the bottom of the table. We need to watch out, for Parma’s a sleeping giant that we don’t want to wake up. They’ll be heading onto to the Olimpico’s pitch with confidence after coming down from a Midweek high after they beat Udinese 2 to Nil.

This is what Happened last time:

Squads :

Parma :
Coly, Falcone, M Rossi, P Castellini;
Dessena, Morrone, Cigarini, Pisanu;
Gasbarroni; Lucarelli
Note to David Pizarro : Luca Cigarini ; Watch and learn DP, watch and learn…

Want more news about Parma ? Go here


Roma are without Teen heartthrob Philou Mexès. A dislocated shoulder means Marco (smart parents) Cassetti is out for about 20 days. Bad news for Marco, but that’s great news for Cicinho and his fans. I also do not think Spalletti will want to risk the easily contused legs of Juan a.k.a J-Smooth a.k.a. Chivu who?

Probable Starting Line-Up

CICINHO!, Panucci, Ferrari, Tonetto;
Brighi, Aquilani;
Esposito, Perrotta, Vucinic;

Who ?: Roma (2nd place, 52 points) v Parma (14th place, 25 points)
When ?: Saturday, 1st March 2008, kick-off 18:00
Where ?: Stadio Olimpico, Roma
Why? 1- Because Roberto Mancini’s an untalented tactician. 2- Because we can’t play Madrid just yet
Streams : Here and Here

Prediction : 3-1 Roma

Vucinic will get a brace and Cicinho will blast one in from afar. Lucarelli will head in a useless goal for the Parma Parmigiano/Prosciutto Posse.

Forza Ragazzi!