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Roma 4-0 Parma, Romacambolesque !

Roma - Parma


This 4-0 win has to be a good moral boost for the boys before the Midweek trip to Madrid. Nice Goals scored by Aquilani, Totti and Vucinic + a Giulio Falcone gift. All of that without Juan and DDR, probably our most consistent performers all year. ( A part from the consistent crappiness of the DP)

Unfortunately for Serie A fans, this excellent display (from a Roman point view) was sandwiched between Roma’s 2 most important matches of the season so far. A very convincing display tonight by Roma.

See what happens when you start Aquilani and Cicinho from the get go Spal!?

This game couldn’t have had a better scenario if I had written it myself. No injuries, no one had to run like crazy, no fatigue issue, successful turnover, hell even the unorthodox Panucci- Ferrari partnership was stellar. This is how Roma should always fare against the smaller teams; Close it out early and then give the fringe players some room to grow. Today we had the chance to see V. - Itunes- Antunes , a solid Matteo Brighi, Panucci as a CB and Mauro –I flicked it to Totti- Esposito. All that, without a single David Pizarro spotting all day. This is exactly what should happen when Roma face the basement boys. Close it up early and play the kids.(I can’t wait to see Okaka Chuka (as Chris would say, The next Drogba) wreaking havoc in Serie A. I just hope we get to witness Totti and him together a couple of times before the Chosen one hangs up the boots)


ROMA (4-2-3-1):
Cicinho, Ferrari, Panucci, Tonetto (36'st Antunes);
Brighi, Aquilani; Taddei, Giuly (18'st Esposito), Mancini (28'st Vucinic);

A disposizione: Julio Sergio, Antunes, Juan, De Rossi, Perrotta, Esposito, Vucinic) All. Spalletti

PARMA (4-4-1-1):
Coly (11'st Pisanu), Falcone, Rossi,
Zenoni; Dessena, Cigarini, Morrone, Castellini;
Gasbarroni (Reginaldo);
Budan (11'st Lucarelli)

A disposizione: Pavarini, Paci, Mariga, Reginaldo, Lucarelli, Pisanu, Corradi) All. Di Carlo

Arbitro: Rocchi di Firenze

Goals: 27'pt Aquilani (R), 6'st Falcone (P, aut), 36'st Totti (R), 49' st Vucinic (R)

Yellows : Gasbarroni (P), Aquilani (R), Castellini (P), Rossi (P), Dessena (P)

Disorganised thoughts :

I love how Vucinic just poached that goal at the end amidst the 5 parma players around him. Those poaching instincts are exactly what Luciano Spalletti isn’t exploiting. This goal and the one against Lazio aren’t his sexiest, but this is exactly the type of scrap goals I expect to get from Vucinic. Leave the Fanciness to Jesus and Mancini.

Aquilani ‘s looking cranky. I didn’t quite understand the pouting after his goal. Must be that missed Inter goal that’s stuck in his head. At least e demonstrated why Chris hates DP so much.

Nice flick by Esposito on the Totti. I still hope he won’t be in a Roma shirt next season.

I like Antunes but I the kid needs some more playing time. A la Alè Rosi, Cerci and Okaka. I can’t wait to see tat Famous left foot Bruno Conti has been talking about. Oh here it is

Cristiano Lucarelli should have gone back to Livorno

Molson Ex, 3 stars of the match

Everybody played well, but i don’t have the patience to rate everybody.

Cicinho : I love seeing the little man get up and down the right flank. Go hard at the net, then comeback on defence. This guy’s quick! 2 goals came off of his crosses in the box.
By far my favourite non Roman player on the Squad.

Brighi : Solid vice DDR. Matteo Brighi doesn’t get enough credit. I love the fact that you don’t see him for a couple of months and then when you do: he plays solidly like he did today. Matteo is clearly not the most talented of players, but he’s smart and knows how to play to his limitations. The only giallorosso who manages to fill a minuscule part of DDR’s gigantic shoes. .

Totti : Jesus put his black shoes on and got all 2001 on us, must have been because facing Parma re-brewed some memories form Scudetto past. Beautiful goal, great dummies, flicks , passes, aho’s and a little bit of brotherly arguing with Aquilani.

Bring on Real Madrid and Forza Napoli !!!