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Derby Della Capitale: One City, One Team, Once Again

Cold night sweats?
Random chest pains?
Losing focus at work and home when not using copious amounts of recreational drugs?
Do you want to stab really long, sharp knives into your eyes when you see anything colored "baby blue"?

Derby time.

This is supposed to be the "derby of peace". You know what? Bullshit. This is not a time for social commentary, and it's not a time to honor someone who had nothing to do with the game besides having a favorite team. That time is long gone for those at a distance - we, the fans - and that time is every day who knew the victim on an intimate basis. It's a football game. One of the most heated and hate-driven games in the world of sport. Why don't we just leave it at that? (As you know, I'm not a fan of crossing genres.)