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Derby Predictions.

1205994778_romalazio9900a.jpgI decided to scope through the last Derby preview for some insight, found a few nice nuggets:

* - Mark my words, after a few years Mirko will become just as beloved as any of the other non-Romanista in the squad. This is the same guy who refused to move to Milan because Roma was the only team for him. You can buy talent. You can’t buy It.

He's certainly accelerating that process, isn't he.

* - Could be Manfredini (frightened), Del Nero (shakin’ in me boots) or Meghni (oh the horror). In other words: it really doesn’t matter. You can hide shit in a casserole, but at the end of the day it’s still going to taste like shit.

That last line is one to live by. Especially if you're a chef.

* - J-Smooth & Philou v Pandev & Rocchi: This one is relatively self-explanatory. Rocchi regularly puts up double-digit goal totals, though presumably against "softened opponents", and Pandev looks to be approaching that plateau (also against the softies, of course). Then you have the Crockett & Tubbs of AS Roma (it’s perfect and you know it - their new, official nickname) in Juan and Mexes, who have taken to regularly closing down ground play. Advantage certainly lies with the good guys, but it’ll be a physical battle.

Throw in Rolando "DDs" Bianchi and it's much of the same.

I wanted to write up some "Key Matchups", but quite frankly the mere thought of comparing Lazio to Roma on a similar plateau on the field of play is downright nauseating. They'd be lucky to be considered on par with the Giallorossi Primavera reserve team, much less the big, bad lupi. Moving on...


The only way this is a contest is if the stars align for some sort of catalysmic event which allows for the forces of evil to take even a solitary point. Fact is Lazio is more on par with Cisco Roma than it is with AS Roma.

2-0 Roma
Goals: Totti (37), Aquilani (47)
MOTM: Francesco.

When: 2115 CET, 1615 US EST
Where: Stadio Olimpico, Roma
Forecast: 13°C, cloudy with a chance of rain.

Streaming: Here.
Liveblog: Oh yeah