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Venerdi Vitriol ! (and some Mercato musings)


The Roman Derby was Lazio’s most important game of the season. Francesco Totti even laid flowers in front of the Curva Nord, purely because he’s classy. Add to that the fact that Lazio’s European ambitions ended a long time ago and the death of Gabriele Sandri and you have all the ingredients necessary for a major upset. (Did you see Delio Rossi run after the winning goal? The emotions displayed on his face demonstrated just that)

Lazio stopped hovering above the relegation zone just recently and are now in an Intertotto-esque position in the table. This is the best they can hope for under Lotito’s management.

You can’t fight faith my friends. Roma were not outplayed, just that Lazio couldn’t afford to lose the derby this time out. Karma worked its magic and there was nothing la Magica could do to modify the script. At least we’re still fighting for European supremacy…

Chris will prolly have something on the game eventually (Once he crawls out of the foetal position we've all  been holding since Wednesday night)

Seeing I’m an eternal enthusiast, let’s talk about the future;

Mercato/Speculation time:


Doni seems to be on the verge of renewing his contract. Personally, it pisses me off that Roma have a Brazilian keeper. I know Doni came on the cheap but he isn’t exactly a world beater. A team like la magica has been working hard on all 3 fronts for the past 3 seasons now and we would like that to continue. A team Ambitions like Roma needs a keeper that can single-handedly win you a game once in a while. Unfortunately, Doni isn’t that keeper. That’s were Marco Amelia comes in once again. The Roman-bred keeper stated this week that: He would NEVER play for Lazio, NEVER! His blood runs giallo and rosso and has even offered Roma to pull a Damiano Tomassi style return at the end of his career! Cash in on the heart attack generator and bring in Marco now!

The Livorno Stopper has been magical all year and deserves some Champions League Football but please don’t let him got to England or Russia.

Ando Cazzo e il centravanti ?

I’ll just start taking for granted that Roma’s looking for a Centre Forward. It’ll be simpler if you do the same.

We know about the KJH and Mario Gomez links, The Amauri/Totti love fest and the Gila possibility (By his stock while it’s low!). All of Europe wants a piece of these strikers (ok, maybe not Gila) so Roma needs to prioritize its striking priorities


KJH is looking at Real Madrid, Mario Gomez is drawing interest form Milan as well, so basically the only rumour that has picked up some speed his the Gilardino one. It seems TGIP and Totti think they can convert the Gila into a bona fide born-again Calcio player.

I’m all for trying it out, if he comes cheap. But seeing Ancelotti pick Palloschi, Pato and Inzaghi before the Biellese bomber has surely caused Gila’s price to drop. Hell even Sampdoria are inquiring.

The new name that needs to be added to the Centavanti list is: Sevilla’s Luis Fabiano
The Brazilian Bomber’s claim to fame was the penultimate Copa America. Before moving to La Liga in 2005, Fabiano was drawing interest from Roma and Palermo, he finally chose Sevilla.

Luis Fabiano has scored 48 goals in 102 games in Spain and has 8 goals from 14 games when he’s wearing the VerdeOro. Fabiano’s fairly young, cheap and has only one year left on his contract, which makes him a realistic target. Not to mention that no one can throw a better looking bitch slap!

Centre Forward, Brazilian and affordable; what more can Roma ask for !

Marc Borriello a.k.a. the STD farm


Some echos of Marco Borriello are reverberating around Rome. I will reiterate what I have already said on the Italy page; Marco Borriello is the Fabio Quagliarella of the 2007/2008 season. Milan still owns half of the STD farm and his cartellino will probably make its way to le buste. Roma will be keeping a close eye on the situation as it unfolds.

The Young studs

Roma are seemingly keeping an eye on Tijani Belaid a 20 year old Tunisian part of Inter’s Vivaio. The kid is on loan at Slavia Prague and managed to score on his Champions League debut. I don’t know much about him, but let’s keep an eye out.

Speaking of players I know nothing about, Roma are testing out the ‘’new Kaka.’’ Fabrizio Messias (1990) has been training in Trigoria for the past week. He looks like Ronaldinho but he plays like Kaka(the player, not like shit), or so his agent says.

A decision should be made in about a week or so.


TGIP, Aquilani and De Rossi are drawing interest all over Europe ! Thank You Captain Obvious!

How is this news? Who wouldn’t want them in their team? NEXT

Barcelona has singled out Amantino Mancini for next season. The Catalan club thinks Amantino would be a perfect addition to their Fantastic Four.

Amantino hasn’t signed yet; Sara Varone ! You need to work your Magic because this is starting to smell like Chivugate all over again…

Forza Ragazzi! Andiamo a prendere l’Europa intera !