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Random Mercato Thought

In the middle of writing up a mercato wrap up which is taking a bit (I suppose that's a good thing for Roma), and I'm going to finish up in the morning. But I had a random thought which may or may not be completely wrong; or it may be halfway to somewhere which isn't quite intelligent but at least in that direction. So I'm just going to offer up this little nugget for discussion then run behind the shed while shit starts flying:

One of the spots that Roma needs goals from is trequartista. Simone is a whole lot of wonderful things, but a finisher ain't one of 'em (though he's shown some improvement as of late - if that's what you want to call goals in back-to-back games recently). Sticking with the 4-2-3-1 formation, his is the most likely spot (with Mirko, Mancini, Lulu & Rodrigo forming a nice little foursome on the wings at least for the next year, unless Amantino is sold) to add a different look type of player; someone who adds a different angle. There's a guy who scores goals, not to mention being a world class creative influence, way up north on the continent who has recently had a falling out with a team which is going to see a very rocky summer - including installing a revolving door at the entrance of their locker room - even if he sticks around. The smart money is that he wants out and will get out this summer. A few months back, he said this:

"However I hope to have the opportunity to play in Italy one day where the football is very famous. I follow all the Serie A teams and I particularly like Roma because they play some exciting football. They are one of the best teams in Europe."

The team is Werder Bremen, the name is Diego.