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Aquilani Fights Jesus ! A Behind the Calcio special

Here’s one of my famous free translations for some pre Madrid Pleasure about the Totti-Aquilani Romanita fight they had. Let’s say scuffle.

The excellent original article can be found here. I deserve no credit whatsoever for this post. All of it goes to Il Messagero , my Grandparents, My mom, My Dad. I’d also like to thank Buddah, Jesus, Allah, Elegua,Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone, Yahve, the dude that takes care of Kwanza, that cool Hindu god, The Dalai-Lama, Jupiter,Osiris,Mars, and above all, my main man Jah Rastafari !


Free Translation, i disclaim whatever i need to disclaim to whoever needs disclamation

There’s Fuck you and Fuck you. Not all words are equal, or even better, not all insults have the same weight or value. It’s one thing to send a referee to ‘’that country’’(right Cassano?) It’s another thing to send your friend. In the eternal city, an insult can be a mark of affection. Because if you don’t like someone, you don’t waste your time to insult him or to scream something at him; You ignore him, punto e basta. The ‘’Vaffa’’ to friend can only be dedicated if you know you can allow yourself to do it, in the name of friendship. You poke him (becchi), you envenom him (avvelenare), you flip him the bird, but then you cancel it all after an instant, almost always with a smile.

Francesco-Jesus-Totti and Young Prince Alberto, Roman’s Roman’s, are friends that can insult each other. That night at the olimpico, they exchanged some words infront of the whole stadium. However, no Roman thought the scuffle to be excessive. Maybe a little surprising, nothing moreBecause it’s impossible to think that Aquilani would realistically fight(litigare con, a litige) with his captain, about that weird, woefully taken
freekick. They insulted each other, then proudly ignored each other; being the calcio alpha-males that they are. But after a few minutes, after Totti’s goal, they were hugging again, friends like before.

Saturday’s scene, Screenplay and dialogues in Romanesco and all, reminded us of that famous Totti-DDR (Il Messagero fuckin’ wrote DDR, I’m not kidding!). Milan, Meazza, August 19th 2007, Supercoppa with Inter; Rigore ! Totti, fatigued and contused, delegates the Penalty to DDR (again!). De Rossi, surprised, not expecting his friends gift, presents himself nervously on the 11 meter spot. Smacks bast JC and with the Roma’s travelling Tifosi. After the custom roman man-love-display celebration, he crosses Totti. Daniele looks at him, kisses him and, proved by TV cameras, sends Totti to that country in a pure Dialetto Romanesco. Amichevolmente. Of course