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Gladiators v The Spaniards: Liveblog


Roma 4 - Real Madrid 2

Everybody sufficiently nervous? Fingernails down to the bone? Adult diapers on? Good. It's game time.

All I ask for is an early Roma goal. Just an early Roma goal. One which sends the entire Real Madrid XI forward, scrambling for two goals and blowing their back line wide open. And that will go down to the golden boots of one Il Grande Capitano.

Il Romanista's pumping this out as the probable formation:

Panucci, Mexes, Juan, Max;
DDR, Pizarro;
Taddei, Perrotta, Mancini;

Which would be the first time in a long, long while that I've hit a starting XI on the nose.

And we still have over an hour til the first whistle, but this one's that important.

New formation via ilR:

Cicinho, Juan, Mexes, Tonetto;
De Rossi, Aquilani;
Taddei, Perrotta, Mancini;


And of course, Cicinho. The big guns are coming out tonight.

The Real lineup via Corey:


UEFA stream is already bumping the CL anthem....doesn't the sound of that just scream "I'm calling out of work on a Tuesday or Wednesday and spending the day in my bathrobe eating Cheez-Its and yelling things at the TV"?

Early prediction of the day: we're going to shatter the offside's record number for comments...which I believe stands at 438. I'll guess 492.

Seems about that time......

The Bernabeu is bumping AC/DC "High way to Hell" right now....damn straight they are.

UEFA's stream is crapping out early, which is a good sign going in. No video. Buffering slowly. Nice.

I'm getting bunch of stills with British commentary. Does it get any worse than this? (You've got 8 mins to get your shit together, UEFA.)

Alright is working somewhat.....

Here we go, kickoff....

I'm still trying to get this to work. Awesome.

Simone is looking burly with that beard...

Second half LB....let's try this.

Two fouls in a row, Berto just a few yards outside the box. Tough spot to give that up.

48 AH! Corner of the woodwork....everybody be thankful for that one.

Jesus...cleared off the line. (I'm having issues again. I think the year 2008 is against me.)

Ah shit, Berto goes knee to knee, Gago is cranky and kicks the ball weally weally hawd.

Nice play by Cicinho to clear the FK out of the box.

Robinho gets shot by a sniper in the stands 8 seconds after the play, fk Real.......foul. Roma poss.

Simone misses a next match if there is one.

Simone heads it wide....goal kick Real. But he did it while lookin sexy so it's cool.

Nice save from Alex on a long range ball from Diarra.

Cicinho is faking Robinho out with his ddefensive moves. Only Cici.

Drenthe on for Diarra. Oh yippee.

Mirko for Amantino. I like this one, actually. Mirko has been a CL monster this year and he holds possession well if need be.

Cicinho yellow foor who the hell knows what. (The stream works for 30-40 seconds before I have to refresh the page. Big stuff only.)

Foul on the edge of the Definitely. No way he attempted to play the ball there.

Vucinic is playing like a madman.

CICINHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0

Legend. Fuckin' legend

Who saw a header from him?

Hold tight, just hold tight.

Oh shit. 1-1 Raul.

Whoa, he was waaaaaaay offside. Come on.

Pizarro on for Simone.

Helluva defensive play from Mexes.....good news is another Real goal only ties mattters. Roma has the AG now.

Vuci had space, should've held the ball after Guti tried to depants him. (Who knew?)

I don't know Spanish, but I think thhis commentator said the ref gave a yellow to Pippo Inzaghi. Good god.

Foul on the Tottster.....Cicinho.....Vuci....ack. Yellow for Alberto.

Alberto looks like he has very soft hair.

Yellow for Max. The ref is going bananas here.

Cici tries to get cute, floats a 3v2 into Iker's breadbasket. Booooo.

Soldado on for the Beast.

Things are getting dicey up top of the box. Yikes.

Vucinic has been exquisite since coming on.

Panucci for Cicinho. Love it. Atta boy Cici..............ah DDR! Inches away from ending the game.

4 mins stoppage.

Totti is timewasting....


Roma's through!!!!

Game's over. All but the final whistle.

MOTM goes to Vucinic. Legend.

4-2 on aggregate, and the Giallorossi go through.