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Photojournalism At Its Unfinest

Gazzetta absolutely knocked the pics out of the park this time around, so I'm here to share them with you and provide just-this-side-of-intelligent insight. Because I'm a nice guy like that. (And tired. And lazy. And lazy and tired.)

Spain Soccer Champions League
"I may look happy, but I'm crying inside."

Because he knows, no matter how much better he is than everyone else in the Azzurri midfield, he won't get a spot in the XI as long as the Don is around unless he signs for Milan and/or becomes his baby momma. Damn shame, it is.

"Should've just gotten this over with earlier. Alright, let's have it."

Gabby Heinze, aka New Guy Way Up On My Shit List (I know he loses sleep at night because of it too), realizes the spanking was inevitable and assumes the position. Atta boy, Gabby.

Spain Soccer Champions League
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Manuela."

Ilary is not happy, Francesco.

"Hey, who's your stylist?"

Daniele realizes that if he really wants to stand out in the Don's eyes, he may have to get some Royston Drenthe like braids that flop all over the place while he gives the ball away in the box.

"Oh Fabio, I'll hold your hair back for you."

It's a common reaction from defenders after facing the vaunted Spalletti attack. (Vomiting, that is.)

"I am Mirko."

In a moment of seriousness good is he. I mean, how damn good is Mirko Vucinic. He may not be your run-of-the-mill LW, but goddam is he a talent.

"Hey, who the hell is this rolly-polly IT guy from Madrid in the middle of our celebration? Who cares. Yay."

David Pizarro looks like a 48yo, 250lb, 4'7 tech guy who lives in his grandmother's basement, works down the hall and mutters shit to himself before he snaps one day and runs out onto the field with a Raul replica shirt on to join the celebration for the wrong team. Plays like one occasionally too. (I kid I kid.)

"The best. The best. The best."

The three best players at their positions in Serie A right now. (All due respect to Nesta, but Philou has been an absolute monster for the last 18 months.) Pictures don't get much more appropriate than that.


You know, this team is awesome and all, but holy shit can they be overly feminine. They can make a drag show look like lumberjack night down at the tavern.

Speaking of lumberjacks.....

Spain Soccer Champions League
"Hi, my name is Simone Perrotta and I'm confused about my identity."

I think the beard is a good look for him. It says, "if I'm going to run around like a madman all game I'm sure as hell at least going to look the part". Damn straight. You go girl.

And last but not least, RomaShield finally found the picture I'd been looking for since the day of the Super Coppa.....



There will be a proper review of sorts up tomorrow, I just got distracted.