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Poll of the Indeterminate Amount of Time: Amantino

amantino-mancini-02.jpgAlessandro Faiolhe Amantino Mancini

SportMedia, an outlet I have zero familiarity with (or I may and just not know it), seems to think Mr. Amantino has been in contact with Mr. Mancio and they're all excited about getting the chance to work with each other next year. Oh, and Amantino might use his Webster ruling clause to buyout his contract for a measly 5m. Nice.

1. If this is true, I hope Amantino dies of distemper.

2. When the #$%& does Amantino have time to call opposing coaches? Isn't he busy moping 24/7?

This would be near disastrous, because I'm pretty sure Bruno & Prade could rope someone into paying more than a signed lithograph of Mancini's Glamour Shots portrait and a twice-licked charms blow pop, which is all he's worth right now. Seriously, he had a very good 1-2 month run this year but besides that he's been utterly useless. Stepovers are nice, but he never accomplishes anything besides firing shots into sprawling defenders. Mirko Vucinic has quite clearly become The Guy, and if they're going to pluck someone off the bench, it should probably be someone more consistent than Amantino. Meaning instead of having one good game and one bad game over the course of a week, we'll be getting a good performance once a month.

His agent is a notorious jackarse, so who knows how this will play out. He is the agent of a certain Emerson who used to ply his trade in Giallorosso, and I think we all know how that turned out. Therefore, I don't have good vibes whatsoever. But honestly, I could care less if he goes to Inter. I just don't see him as a true game changing force for them, probably just another Suazo.

Also, if Mancini goes I'll have much less distaste for him in the aftermath than Chivu simply because he's a complete flake and I'm not sure if he knows whether he's signing for a different team or ordering a combo meal at the McDonald's drive-thru. Crystal knew what he was doing, I'm pretty sure Mancini just goes into bobblehead mode every time his agent opens his mouth.

I wish I was joking.

I think I did this awhile back, but I'm really interested to see how high this number is now.....

To sell or not to sell, that is the question.....
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