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Return of L'aeroplanino


I have probably two-thirds of a post written, but when I hit the news that Vincenzo Montella might make his long-awaited return to the Blucerchiati this weekend after shredding his knee in November, I lost most of my night watching old videos (I'd be afraid to admit how often this happens). Scratch that, not a moment lost.

I'll keep it simple: I'd kill for Roma to pick up another Montella this summer. Absolutely kill for it. An Italian striker with a penchant for striking daggers into the hearts of the burini that fans can latch onto and love for years upon years? It's something you'd shave a few years off the end of your life for. Unfortunately, it'll be many moons before we see another L'aeroplanino, if ever. They come along only once in a generation.

While it's still not a return to the Olimpico, I can't imagine how it'll feel to see Vincenzo on the same pitch as Roma, donning blue and white instead of red and yellow. As strange as it may be, I hope it happens and I hope he puts one past Doni (as long as Roma puts two past Samp). And for all his Giallorosso love, leaving the potential he'd refuse to celebrate, nothing would please me more than seeing the wings.

And someday, somehow...maybe we could see those wings one more time in giallorosso (yes, I'm still in denial).

This is going to be the best ten minutes of your day, guaranteed:

Grazie Vincenzo