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Possible Winger On The Way & Brief News Briefs

pictures_gallery_guberti_stefano.JPGI was going to get all excited about the news that Roma may have a new wing phenom on the way until I read this little nugget:

The 23-year-old Ascoli star is a skilful dribbler with lightning movements, and he has earned the label in some circles as the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo of Serie B’.

"Well, yes, I like the comparison, the way I play is inspired by him," admitted Guberti.

"I disagree, however, with those who say that Ronaldo derides his opponents. Like me, it is the way he interprets the role, although he probably does exaggerate a little too much sometimes."

"I am a fan of Milan and my dream is to play for them. However unfortunately they are the only team who have not approached me."

So.....he's a CR3.5 wannabe and his dream is to someday leave his next club for Milan. Nice. Roma has the opportunity to be the future ex-club of the Italian Crissy RonRon. Love it.

They're doing this to me on purpose. I know they are.

So Stefano Guberti of Ascoli. Can't say I remember him from last year, but then again, watching Ascoli was never very high on my "To Do" list. I suspect the same could be said of most Ascoli tifosi. As you heard a 23 year old winger with pace and technique and all those fancypants things which make desired wingers so desirable. The most recent news is that negotiations are quite advanced and that there's a good chance this kid will be Roman property next year for the price of 4m.

Usually a Serie B winger isn't anything to get too excited about, but apparently the comparisons to CRon are so apt that ManU themselves have been showing their interest in the kid. When they have that much cash and they're looking at Serie B bargains....the kid must have some skills. And he was apparently close to a deal with Fiorentina, who still have interest, which is uplifting all by its lonesome. Pantaleo Corvino can sniff out talent like he can sniff out edible prosciutto in a dumpster.

Left-winger it seems, but in the brief video I've seen he appears to favor his right with a nice little shot on net to go with all that fancypants ball work. In 37 games he's got 7 goals, which is a decent sum for a young winger. Other than that? Nadda. He's in Serie B, what do you expect?

Quite frankly, I've been hoping Roma would start poaching starlets from Serie B. You've got to believe most of the time it's going to be smart business, because very few are going to come at a premium and the question of whether or not they can hack it in the top flight will leave a few teams hesitant. Some will flop, surely, but so won't some stars from small clubs in Serie A who turn out to be the proverbial big fish in the small pond (Francesco Tavano comes to mind, though I'm starting to think he's just not all that good). Quantity + quality doesn't hurt.

Really looking forward to hearing more on this deal. I have yet to see the kid and I, for some odd reason, hope he shows up in Rome. Until then just pray he aspires to be more Totti or Vucinic and less CR3.5.

* - I just talked myself into loving a transfer after being vehemently against it over the course of a few paragraphs...again. I feel like I should be stronger than this.

The only vids I can find are individual goals (in the case of the second vid he scored both), but they are somewhat impressive:

First goal, 1:00 mark.

Both goals.


Inter's fans have been banned as well. Fair's fair. That is, until there's a possible penalty after the 70th minute....

Gianluca Curci is now wanted by Napoli, Fiorentina and Bologna along with Parma.

Listen, if Parma wants him, then they damn well better beat Inter this weekend and then send Daniele Dessena over for Matteo Brighi and a loan of iTunes.

* - Frey looks to be headed elsewhere, doesn't he.

Cicinho says Roma will win. Don't do that.

IV) These few days have been really slow for a title deciding week it seems. I blame Al Gore. Don't ask.

Napoli has reportedly made an approach for Antonio Di Natale. I LOVE it.

(See: Francesco Tavano. Just sayin'.)

It seems like there should be more than this, but Soros is the same old regurgitation and Rosella ain't sellin', half the football minds think Inter will win, the other half is going with Roma (though Zamparini seems to think Cagliari will pip the title on the last day), they're discussing Chivu's injuries (again), and how many bottles of bubbly Moratti has already bought for the party at FIGC headquarters the San Siro next week. A whole lotta nothin' going on.