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Lazy Friday With Batigol

mob781_1102016209.jpgSunday, Bloody Sunday

Appears like Spal may have a full squad at his disposal on Sunday, aside from the crew who got a head start on their summer vacations (Gesu, Today and perhaps Matthew Lamborghini). Doni and Juan seem to be at least recovered enough for consideration - there's a Don Juan reference somewhere in here with those two - though the smart money is on Juan being sat while Doni makes his way between the posts. That is, if there is anything such as smart money.

Here's the lineup RomaNews is suggesting,

Cicinho, Mexes, Panucci, Tonetto;
Pizarro, De Rossi;
Mancini, Aquilani, Perrotta;

And here's the lineup I've been hoping for,

Cicinho, Mexes, Panucci, Tonetto;
Pizarro, De Rossi;
Mancini, Aquilani, Perrotta;

It's like they know me or something. Or maybe this lineup card just writes itself.

Market Time

What would be the lead up to the final weekend when the scudetto will be decided without a few good transfer nuggets to get everyone reminded, "hey, there's always next year if this one doesn't work out". The media is so kind.

• This one's my favorite: Francesco Modesto is now wanted by FC Moscow. So he's wanted by a maybe slightly better than average Russian club. I wonder if this officially crosses him off Roma's wish list. It's kind of like wanting a flashy car for so long, then you see the tool from down the street driving one off the lot. Kind of loses its appeal. (You can substitute girl for car and get the same idea. Though I'm not sure how one could "drive a girl off the lot". Oh wait...)

Marcelo Moreno: Twenty year old hitman from Bolivia. Have to say, from one video the kid just looks like he can score goals. Then again, it's just a YouTuber, and they could even make Adrian Pit (Pronounced 'Pit') look like Mutu's brother from another mother.

More telling is the clubs after him: ManPoo, Liverpool and Tottenham. And Shakhtar, but he supposedly turned down a deal heading there. €7m was the agreed upon price, which may be a bargain someday. 43 goals in 68 games since 2005 and he's only 20. Oh, and he can put his damn head to the ball. Where do I sign him up?

And does that goal celebration remind you of anyone? I'd take him for that alone.

Plus I'd sign this kid's mother if she had a YouTubers set to Muse.

I'm bored and stuck at the pad for most of the day, so I'm just going to update this bad Larry throughout the day. It's like liveblogging, but way easier.

Scratch that, I want Marcela Moreno:

It's like Shakira meets Ace of Base.


* - Favorite news story of the week, even more than Inter getting in bed with the Mafia:

Figo deliberately runs over black cat.

First of all, is this not a hate crime? What the fuck did black cats ever do to anybody, as opposed to white or gray or brown cats? Did they choose to be black? No. Yet they're maliciously targeted by ignorant people, like Luishsishsish, and made into a big monster.

The whole bigotry thing aside, is there any part of Karma which is going Inter's way this weekend? Any part whatsoever? Because if there is, I can't see it.

* - Speaking of karma, great news regarding Inter's ref for the Parma game:

“Rocchi is particularly unlucky with us. He has officiated three of our games and we never managed to finish with all XI men,” said the Coach.

In fact that was not the case, as Rocchi was in charge of three Inter matches this season and Pelè was the only Inter player sent off.

However, all three games did end in 1-1 draws against Juventus, Sampdoria and Genoa.

Uh.....1-1 draw? I'd take that 8 days a week.

* - Just realized something. Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the Roma Offside.

I want a belated present, dammit.

(I fell asleep at the end of this thing. I tried.)