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Video of the Day: The Phenom

I have absolutely no idea what, if any, part Stefano Okaka Chuka will play in next year's Roman edition. The good money says he'll go back out on loan, perhaps to a Serie A outfit this time, but he remains one of the people people on the list I've entitled "I Don't Give A @#$% About Tactics, System Or Age, Get Him On The Pitch NOW, Dammit". The list is mighty short, and he's the only Roman product on there currently (Daniel Unal enamors me, though, for some odd reason - I think it's because he's Swiss). You want a big, technical, aerially-gifted striker? Here he is, Spal. Gift-wrapped and all.

Seriously. Kid's going to be ridiculous.

I love it when loans end and there's suddenly an influx of free, albeit mostly useless, talent. It's like getting someone a shirt as a Christmas gift and you know they'll love it, but the store was out of their size, so you get the 6'4 guy a small. Now they'll have to wait to return it when their size actually comes in. And by then, they've got like 7 more shirts they like way more, so they just return it for store credit.