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Poll: Goal of the Season

For me, it's easy. Mirko Vucinic's turn against Genoa was great. And I don't mean just great. I mean all-time great. It's a goal that may take a bit of time to sink in, but that was unbelievable. On a scale of likelihood from 1-10, that goal rates somewhere around -37. And as last year's goal of the year was a similarly improbable left footed shot (Totti against Samp, of course), I feel a trend coming from the Romans. Next year's goal of the year will be Daniele De Rossi with a cucchiaio from near the half on his left. You heard it here first.

But in order to properly coronate Mirko, there needs to be a poll. And it's not as though there's no competition. Without further ado.....

Totti v Catania

The Team Picture v Dinamo

Amantino Cucchiaio v Fiorentina

Mirko Slalom v Sporting

Totti v Parma

Mirko v Genoa

Mirko v Catania

Cassetti v Sporting

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Mexes v Inter

Goal of the Season?
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