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Coppa Italia Non-Preview

So there's a semi-final cup game tomorrow. Against Catania. Against a team in very serious danger of relegation which has a game in three days. Against Juventus.

Color me shocked they didn't call up the women's team. They've got about as much depth as the Vatican City national team and a Coppa Italia final run where they'd get creamed by Inter won't help them achieve safety, their main and only concern right now. I'm not saying they'll tank the game, but I'd but utterly astounded if we saw something close to their best XI. Plus, the moment they try to get forward with more than one, maybe two attackers, the Giallorossi are going to open up the floodgates, something Catania is all too familiar with.

Roma's gonna win. Or at least Roma is gonna go through. I'd bet the house on that one. Liveblog tomorrow.

For now, a little look back at last year's run: