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Arrivederci, Amantino

image009.jpgAlessandro Faiolhe Amantino Mancini

Mancinigate turned into "Hey, that wasn't so bad". Apparently Inter have saved all of their drama for the Lampard pursuit.

The final details aren't known because the deal won't become official until Mancini returns from vaca early next week, but it appears right now the fee is somewhere between 13m-15m and Mancini will sign damn near the same contract with Inter as he could have with Roma. Says something, doesn't it? And now Inter gets a pouty, lazy, depressed and wildly inconsistent Brazilian backup for a sum Roma will turn into their final piece of the puzzle. Suckers.

Absolutely no animosity whatsoever with this move, and am glad for all of his services these years - whenever he felt like it. There were some good times, but the relationship had simply run its course. And I wish him to good fortune to play for Inter as he played for Roma this season and to regain his true form once he leaves Inter in a couple years.

More later. The good times after the jump.