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Mercato Deadline Day

topgun.jpgWho Loves Mercato Time? They Do, That's Who.

Woke up this morning to a slew of news so let's begin the day's rundown, updated as things come in:

• Officials are out on the deals:

Andreolli.: Free loan.

Burritos.: Free loan. (He just went from Livorno to Pisa. Nice.)

Espo.: Free loan, but Chievo can but him for 2.5m at the end of the year. (Roughly what Roma paid for him over the two co-ownership transactions.)

• Interesting stat: In 4 less games last year, L'Aeroplanino scored the same amount of goals as Hernan Crespo. Perhaps there's a bit left in Montella's old legs.

Burritos has officially gone to Pisa, not sure on the details. Sounds like the exodus is complete.

• Prade is saying the market is closed and he's only in Milan to pawn off the surplus to requirements. Uh huh.

Marco Andreolli has gone on loan to Sassuolo. Hopefully the kid starts every damn minute there.

• No Crespo deal, according to Fair enough. Don't need any ex-baby blues/Nerazzurri stinking up the stable.

Espo has finally gone on loan to Chievo. We knew ye, but hardly so.

• Oh boy. Prade is talking up Hernan Crespo, trying to get him on the train to Roma with Mourinho's vast stable of attackers limiting PT. If he lands in Rome, he'll have played for both Milan and both Rome sides. Whore.

• Nery Castillo's Real Betis move fell through which now puts him on the market, so he's hiked up his skirt, pushed up that bra and is lookin' for a new team (maybe even a man, too).

• Prade was seen puttering around Milan with David Di Michele's agent. Apparently DDM is so desperate to gain some giallorosso ties he'll even work as Prade's umbrella boy.

Stefano Guberti (remember him?) is still without a club and currently being whored out to any top half Serie A side that will listen. Haven't had any contact with Roman reps though, and I doubt they will, because they've already got two youngsters in Menez and Okaka for the wings and forward spot. Somethin' tells me they want a sure thing.