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Internazionale FC +1 Coppa Liveblog

Ref 2 - Roma 1

Game and yet another black eye for calcio.

93' Inter time wasting....goal kick....Cicinho boots it upfield...Piza....Menez...cross...nothin doing. Ibra's down and Inter won't put it out of

91' Perrotta wins a needed ball, header....four minutes extra....Inter corner.

90' Mexes wins it....break....awful by someone wearing a neckwarmer. Ibra cleaned out by Philou. Here comes the extracurriculars. Lots of shoving, love it.

89' Bambi On Ice falls down again....Baptista on it, mishits it out for a goal kick.

Mancini offside for a 1v1 with Artur, didn't matter. Artur saved anyway. As Brazilians go: Artur > Mancini.

88' Menez kung fu kicks someone - an Argie, presumably (good percentages) - foul.

87' Here comes Amantino Numbnuts on for Muntari.

David....Perrotta's shot stopped. Brighi playing deep, on the ball....Cicinho....Inter take it back.

85' Ibra's pass taken by Philou....back on the attack....Yeremy...cross, deflected out for a corner.

82' Piza bakes Cambiasso, wins a Roman throw...Aqui....DDR...another throw...Ciciho....Aqui's bike with an open net goes just wide. Missing the touch, but the kid has been right in the thick of things since entering.

Mexes yeller.

81' Not exactly an overwhelming sense of urgency here. Foul on Zanetti....Maicon hurt. Nice little deadleg by Yeremy.

79' Piza....deflected and Perrotta's boot flicks off Stanky's head. What cruel, cruel football gods today..

Taddei off for Alberto...uh, Aquilani for LB.

Menez tackled just outside the area, free kick coming. Where's GOMR when you need him?

Adriano comes off for Crystal.

76' Menez shot intercepted, back to possession, lazy pass up near the box (Beast already looking better without Mirko on the pitch).

One good thing we can take from this game: Roma in no way, shape or form need to find a backup keeper.

75' Maicon easily by Taddei again. Tonetto on the bench either.

74' Menez to David....shot in saved for a corner by Toldo. Inter was begging him to take that, and he did well. Corner....Toldo on it.