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Roma v The Former Colony Liveblog

Roma 2 - Palermo 1

What an awful, awful match. Awful. Still, they should've won 4-1 or 5-1 at the least. If they can play that poorly and still win....well, I think that's just about the best thing we can take from this game.


94' DDR breaking...down to the corner...pushed over, no foul. Fairly ridiculous. Come on...need that whistle.

First yellow! Doni for time wasting.

Yep, four minutes.

93' Taddei does well to save the ball down the other end, Brighi heads it to Amelia's arms. Palermo with numbers on the break and their attack is stifled thankfully.

Stream hasn't showed the extra time and couldn't quite catch the Olimpico announcement. Four sounds about right.

91' Marco's being carted off. Absolutely fantastic. A solid three minutes from him.

90' Taddei pulled down by the neck, wins a free kick.

89' Cassetti pulls his hammy, goes down off the pitch, Roma down to 9.5. Wonderful. Marco just pulled up lame there and he's still down.

88' Mirko wrenches his back, goes down. Not a fan of how many back problems a twenty four yo has. Not at all.