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Lazy Win Amidst Curious Hand Positions.


Roma 2 - CSKA Sofia 0

I haven't many moments, but would like to dedicate words to this match before enjoying the travelling show that is any team managed by Roberto Donadoni. Thus much like the game itself, I will dedicate minimal effort required to obtain the result.


  • Thank god for the passive offside rule.
  • Accurate passing makes a world or two of difference.
  • If Okakachukamuthafucka hadn't buried that goal, he and his confidence would be going on loan to Empoli in January.
  • Speaking of January: Jeremy Menez.
  • Speaking of January II: Nicolas Burdisso, please.
  • Motta didn't suck, which just about makes this the high water point for right back this season.
  • CSKA Sofia at home is far too small an opponent for Mirko to score; unfortunately, any team coached by Donadoni might be too.
  • Alessio Cerci, as nice as it was to see some youth, is still looking at sub status.
  • Stefano Guberti isn't.
  • The timing of Simone & David was impeccable; put those two together in form and you'll see...a lot of sitters missed.

That's all, really. A solid imposition of quality over a toothless opponent in a must win game which sees them less than gassed for Napoli. Except for Juan. As usual.