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VotD: Love The Pain. Need The Pain.

Haven't the slightest why I must subject everyone to this video once a year. But in viewing it yet again, I've realized something:

Trophies are nice, but I don't want to scream my lungs out - I want my breath taken away. I don't want to bear witness to arms held aloft; I want to bear witness to singular moments of genius. The singular moments which turn generations into followers and followers into believers. Belief in the grand design. The grand design that in this world there does exist The One. The complimentary piece which completes every human being. And proof that it needn't be a woman for a man or vice-versa, and it needn't be based on sexuality. That sometimes, The One is simply there for the betterment of mankind, not for the enjoyment of individuals. I want these moments to reach down into the bowels of my lungs and rip every last breath from my body. To replace that breath with the silent screams of faith and hope and wonderment. I want singular moments which provide affirmation that there is a God.

If one needs proof of that I suggest looking no further than the video below.