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VotD: Cici-nooooooo.

The verdict: Cicinho's ligament was torn, it's not anymore - he had surgery immediately - and he'll be out 3-4 months before he begins training again, putting his return roundabout that projected 6 month mark (or next season). Which means two things:

i. Marco Motta's option - one of them - will be picked up shortly (or once they scratch up the cash).
ii. Any hint of productivity from Cicinho won't come until late next fall at the earliest. He famously had more issues dealing with the mental aspect of his return after the last ACL tear than the physical demands, and a second will presumably only make those matters worse.

What's most devastating is that his last healthy contribution - discounting his weekend cameo - was perhaps his greatest movement in the Roma shirt. The gods are conspiring, there's no doubt about it now.