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Siena, Basel & The Shipyard.

Siena, cont'd.

  • Marco Cassetti should not be starting in professional football right now - we need not discuss this.

    The problem is based on Marco Motta's performances against Gent and Kosice, of all teams, neither should he.

    Cicinho must be lovin' this.

  • There were times during the first half when David Pizarro was the man highest up the pitch.

    The search for a prima punta has officially ended.

  • Strange moment early on in the first half where JSB failed to tell Juan to let the ball run on Siena's first free kick, resulting in an entirely unnecessary corner. Aren't he and Doni BFF? Could this be why it's taken him three years for his debut - because, like Alex, he's a dodo head?

    Let's hope the match practice is just lacking.

  • I'll stick my neck out and say that Roma scores 1-2 goals in the first half if Brighi doesn't go off injured. It would appear Ranieri had the right idea in finding runs beyond the ball but the final execution was just a bit off - of course this would mean 1-2 passes would've had to connect, a slight ask given their passing form. The inclusion of Baptista changed everything for the notasgood.
  • It's funny how some players seemed to - and Ranieri vaguely alludes to this in daily interviews - fall into natural positional patterns or back to Spalletti's ways before scurrying toward Ranieri's desired tactics like a child who knows he's committed a faux pas and desperately wants to avoid a scolding. That's always going to take some time.

    Unfortunately it can't take long. You can play two different tactical systems against Siena - you cannot against Fiorentina.

  • Burdisso's left foot has as much precision passing and crossing as Grandpa Fini's left prune - and that's being generous to Nicolas's foot. You know what you're getting when sticking him there.
  • Someone needs to do a player graph to show the positioning of Daniele De Rossi when Roma is winning/level and another when his comrades are on the wrong end of the scoreline. There are tactical differences in contrasting scorelines, but still...he and Mexes may have aged Spalletti three dozen years between the two of them.
  • Half the problem with corners is the hanging around for seconds after the initial clearance. Goals are nice, but not conceding 5v1 breaks is typically equally as nice and, in the grand scheme, equally as valuable.

    It's kind of like coke. Coke is nice and all, but not when 5 cops are running right at you. Yep, it's exactly like coke. And Pepsi.

  • There seemed to be a bit more tactical disorganization in the second half, but as much is to be expected when a) chasing a result, b) under a new coach with different half time methods and c) switching tactics as a result of subs.
  • Nice to see Simone finally get the opportunity to miss a sitter in the second half via his change in position.

    (It wasn't exactly a sitter, nor was it missed so muh as blocked, but still - that was never going in.)

  • Watching Siena attack that left side over and over again and I'm trying to think of the next opponent who can drive up the left...

    Vargas-Mutu. Sweet.

    Who wants to bet all the change in the piggy bank Sunday's defensive four is Burdisso-Mexes-Juan-Riise?

  • In fact I'll go ahead and say Sunday's lineup before Thursday arrives:

    Julio Sergio
    Burdisso, Mexes, Juan, Risse
    Taddei, DDR, Pizarro
    Vucinic, Totti

    (Or something of a 4-4-2 diamond variety, but I have difficulties dictating the midfield when some players have stricter roles than positions - i.e. David.)

    Write it down.

  • Philou, unsurprisingly, gets all too caught up in making the hero move when pulled up the pitch a bit and in turn sometimes concedes an opportunity. Perhaps he just needs to settle down a bit. A funny cigarette or two, perhaps.

    (These hero moves do not include goals and the like.)

  • Going back to that earlier theory...Daniele is playing prima punta in the 83rd.

    Perhaps we should check DDR's positioning when down playing ten and apply that to the theory truth that Roma is fucking garbage when up a man. (I could think of more unlikely reasons than your midfield vacuum being caught way, way out of place under these circumstances.)

  • Mirko playing far more centrally than Julio, who was clearly drifting left, while the formation as a whole seemed to take a stronger shape upon Mirko's inclusion. Tinker me this...

And now it'll be interesting to see which nuances and player performances change on the weekend against a slightly better Tuscan side.

Other Shit


Two things which are so beyond idiotic a passing mention isn't even worth our time:

i. The treatment of DDR at the end of the game.
ii. Any criticisms of Totti's contract.

Sometimes, man, I just don't know.


Basel list:

Basilea - Roma
Giovedì 17 Settembre 2009 ore 19


1) Andreolli
2) Artur
3) Baptista
4) Bertagnoli
5) Burdisso
6) Cassetti
7) De Rossi
8 ) Greco
9) Guberti
10) Juan
11) Lobont
12) Menez
13) Mexes
14) Motta
15) Okaka
16) Perrotta
17) Pizarro
18) Riise
19) Taddei
20) Tonetto
21) Totti
22) Vucinic

I calciatori non convocati (Antunes, Cerci, Cicinho, Doni, Esposito, Faty e Pit) si alleneranno domani al mattino a Trigoria

This says two things for me:

i. Ranieri has little use for width (Esposito, Pit, Antunes & Cerci off and Greco on) while he thinks long-limbed Vieira-lookin' motherfuckers (Faty) are useless.

ii. This is a really big squad. (Not that it's necessarily all quality depth.)



"I was substituted in the second half against Siena because I was tired, but that's not unusual as I had not played for a long time and also due to the return journey to Italy after joining up with the national team."


RomaNews' likely XI v Swiss Misters:

Julio Sergio;
Motta, Mexes, Burdisso, Riise;
Taddei, De Rossi, Pizarro;
Vucinic, Baptista.

Doesn't look entirely dissimilar to the second half against Siena with a few exceptions. This, for me, gives a bit more balance in the squad, allowing them to do some things going forward more easily. It's certainly better than the shit casserole thrown out from the get go on Sunday (by necessity, of course).

And there's something awfully uncomfortable about writing in JSB to the keeper's spot without even a second's hesitation. It almost feels dirty. Like being French.


In the ten games he's played, including those with Norway, since the beginning of the year on July 30th, John Arne Riise has scored five goals. Yes, 5 in 10 for a mathematical ratio of 1 in 2.

If that's not deserving of a tribute video with an extraordinarily 'curious'
soundtrack, I don't know what is.

This post took a wildly inappropriate turn all of a sudden down some back alley with dudes leather pants and a neon sign which reads The Shipyard, or the Norwegian equivalent. Going to bath in a cocktail of mysterious acids now. Enjoy.