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Out The Window In A Rubber Boat

Palermo 3 - Roma 3

As a neutral, I love those types of games as they're so wildly unpredictable. As a fan of one of the teams involved, I do not love those types of they're so wildly unpredictable.

There have been worse results in the history of calcio. Roma was perhaps the better overall team, Miccoli perhaps the best overall player (shortest player on the pitch under those conditions? shocking), and both won scads of goals. In case you hadn't noticed, goals determine football results. Ergo...

With that, not much stock can be put into the game. For a club which likes to hold possession and play the ball on the floor, playing on a pitch that couldn't have been saved by the Titanic's drainage system was less than optimal for Roma.

However, a few things can be learned:

  • Naptime happens after the halftime whistle sounds, not before. Jesus christ. How many chromosomes are missing on this team? Do they rotate out the same eleven on gameday?

    They're getting better, but this clearly isn't an overnight transition.

  • About 10-15% of that pitch was unplayable. The section near the Palermo bench was a swamp at its leastest and I gather the ball could've used floaties or a pair of silicone bosoms (Phil Mickelson's?). The box in the same half was Reggina-esque during the second stanza, it's just a damn shame Palermo couldn't have thrown Simone Loria in there for a quick Roma +3.

    Also worth noting: Simone Loria is still on the books. Let that one soak in for a moment.

  • And because of that little spot on the pitch, oftentimes there was tactical disarray. A more central 4-3-1-2, but whenever Cassetti or Motta - even Taddei splitting out wide -pushed up in the second half, it was as though a blockade was in there way which they then had to go around. That is not a recipe for good football. Neither is Marco Cassetti in general.

    Cicinho will probably walk right into this team until his ligaments snap in half again. Right back sucks something horrible at the moment.

    Actually, according to RN Cicinho is able and willing finally. I suspect the dual return of Cicinho & Doni after 4+ month layovers would be asking a bit much of Rome's cardiologists on a Sunday. Doni to start, Cicinho on the bench.

  • Okakachukamuthafucka needs a run. A serious, serious run one of these days. And I don't say that because I need an excuse to keep typing Okakachukamuthafucka. Nor is based it talent. Rather it's because this Roma entity is now about simplicity, and he is simply the type of physicality this team could use up near thee box every now and again...along with the added bonuses of skill and a bit of speed.

    Can you tell I started reading RomaNews' Trigoria updates in the middle of this post? RN has it rumored that he'll start in place of a fatigued Vuci on Sunday in Catania. Say it ain't so!

    Scratch that. I could do with a second half SuperVuci appearance.

  • Is it me or are Totti's penalties becoming a bit predictable? And by "becoming" I mean "have been for about three years". Yet...
  • Burdisso needs to be taken up on a permanent transfer. I had my reservations, but the guy's walked in like he was born to play for Roma. Of course that means clearing balls off the line directly into the path of oncoming opposition, but still.
  • Prade can forget about looking for a prima punta in the winter mercato and start right away on some central midfield depth. I can't tell you who will cut it, but I can tell you right now it's not going to be Ricardo Faty as the first or second off the pine when fully healthy.
  • Juan's played four (Ranieri captained) games in a row now without getting hurt. That must be a personal best in Kappa.

    Punting a small puppy sounds enjoyable right about now.

The sum total of the last two is depressing enough to end this.

One-off game under extreme conditions. Done.


Pray for a dry one Sunday, yeah? One that looks like this: