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The Prima Punta Has Landed.


There are a few minor things to take note of today:

i. Roma played Cisco Roma in a friendly and they, predictably, won 3-0. Goals by Menez and Julio "Why do they hate me?" Baptista x 2, with an assist from Luca. Or so they say. I was quite hoping he'd score just to see if he'd celebrate, being a former Cisco player and all.
ii. Luca's website is sweet, if poorly updated. And riddled with ridiculous glamour shots (see the profile).
iii. Apparently Roma team pictures are now done without informing the subject - more of a gotcha! type thing moments after rolling out of bed.


iv. The only worthwhile highlight of the friendly so far:

Rodrigo on the dummy? Think it was Rodrigo.

v. And finally, much of the year is spent worrying about tactics, fitness, productivity and all sorts of end product focused matters. Many have simply loved watching Luca play for years, so let the suits worry about the important stuff and just enjoy this one. Sometimes, it's just nice to be a fan.