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Rise Of The Machine.


Roma 4 - Palermo 1

I have very little to say on this match. They are simply irrepressible right now.

Irrepressible largely because, once again, they weren't particularly good. In fact they were poor in some areas. The lynchpin of the back, Juan, even took the day off. And yet they have not been stopped. Surely they can be stopped, but when? This time, unlike Fiorentina, they opened up the four and allowed chances. Palermo didn't capitalize. Or perhaps wouldn't have as, once again, Julio Sergio has vaulted so far past 'needs a pee test' territory he's no longer in jurisdiction. And when chances were offered - often on a silver platter by ex-Roman Cesare Bovo - they were capitalized upon with ruthless ferocity.

Another day, another performance befitting a champion. The Ranieri machine continues.


  • I don't care what anyone says: Juan's still the best defender in calcio right now.
  • And John Arne Riise the best prima punta.
  • Brighi was a world class shadowing central mid in the first half. Unfortunately, more often than not, he was shadowing Totti.

    His second half went through the roof, however.

  • Two games in a row for Baptista in which he was not utter shit.

    Baby steps.

  • This is the second time in three years a quick corner has worked against Palermo. (Mancini v Palermo team picture the other.)

    The coach will likely change another dozen times or so before the next Palermo fixture, but there's no reason not to keep 'em comin'.

  • Zamparini's a joke, but Pastore's elegance belongs on the pitch for the fans alone.
  • Four goals conceded since Cagliari:

    - Two penalties (one the shit of a bull, the other a wake-up call versus Triestina).
    - One chance set up by a cruel deflection.
    - One chance set up by a save rebound.

    Nine games, four goals, nine wins.

    If that doesn't tell the whole story, I don't know what does. Compared to anything in recent time, they are on another planet.


Better than highlights:

And what's that?

Is that...

...oh no...

...I think it is...