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Haute Cuisine: A Tuscan Gumbo.


Roma 2 - Siena 1

Like many, my streaming was deplorable. It was such that I couldn't tell if that was Simone Perrotta running around the pitch or fellow Englishman Margaret Thatcher. I did, however, pick up a few things:

  • I don't really care about the goal; we've always know Okaka Chuka is the ta tas, and this just further confirmed it. He is a disgustingly gifted technical and physical specimen with no apparent ceiling to speak of.

    What I'd like to focus on is the celebration: that was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best run to the Sud we've seen in years. Years! Sure, bigger, more important goals have been scored, but none were followed up with a dart of such precociously infernal emotion and singular purpose. The image of Adrian Pit Superman-ing Roman legend Daniele De Rossi...


    ...has no competitor for image of the 2010 thus far.

  • Despite the heroics, Okakachukamuthafucka wasn't the best player on the pitch. He wasn't even the best Roman youth product on the day. That honor goes to none other than Gianluca Curci, who became everything Roma had been waiting for in the span of 90 minutes, and so nearly became the next Marco Amelia.

    The suits, with Julio Sergio's contract up, Lobont's rumored full purchase coming, the wages of Doni on the books and Siena's impending drop to Serie B have a major, major decision to make this summer. It was only one game, and we've seen Herculean performances from the children of the city trying to impress the transfer gurus, but he was undeniably, absolutely magnificent. Everything he's supposed to be.

    And twenty-four years old.

  • You know the theory 'ride the hot hand'?

    John Arne Riise to take free kicks, penalty kicks, prima punta, left wing, right wing, center back, team physio, Luca Toni's fluffer, transfer guru, president and his sperm should be harvested, frozen in this state of form, to create another, just in case.

  • Julio Sergio's reflexes were just as good as Curci's, he just didn't have a napping defense. ('Twas a friendly, after all.)
  • Adrian @#$%ing Pit. I'm still speechless. Who knew that he would directly contribute to actual, honest Serie A points? It's just...

    I don't know.

  • I never, not once, thought the result was in question. Not even just before Okaka's goal. Granted I did think when he scored it was the 72nd or so - again, quality of stream - but there's a certain will and determination which breeds a new type of confidence while watching this team. Brilliant? Not always, but effectiveness reigns. And they will inevitably drop points to smaller teams again, as every single team in the world does, but the difference then is that it will be a surprise.

    More of the same: Ranieri's Roma.

That's all I have - tough to get good coverage of friendlies. (That's obviously a joke, but they were hardly running at 100%. Big week/end coming up.)

Now, for the important stuff:


And the pack:


As promised, the pack has dwindled and will continue to do so. If things stay status quo, it will shortly be time to look up, rather than back.

My, how one turn of the Serie A table can change things.

Get Out Of My House

Stefano was rewarded for his heroics with a six month loan to Fulham for a minor fee (175k) with matters being reviewed in the summer for perhaps another twelve months.

He's perhaps the most talented youngster on the books, but the boy needs to play. Let's hope Fulham's drunken persistence means they have big plans for him in their first team.

Espo: Free loan to Grosetto until June.

Would somebody get this guy a goddamn free transfer already?

Pit: Free loan to Triestina.

After such brilliance, why take our Pit away? Why?