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2010/11 Schedule Announcement


Late, as ever. I'd be terrible with birth control pills. Updating as we go along.

The opener seems to call for the tried and true "oh, they scheduled another friendly" but it smells of a 1-1.

That's right - it's not yet August and I'm predicting actual game scores. Write that one down.

And would someone teach Lega Calcio to count.

You know, as this slowly trickles out....this is a damn good schedule, and it's been years since opposing fans weren't giving sympathetic internet hugs (which are in fact very suspect). And yes, I realize I'm just begging for Juve at Week 7.


1° GIORNATA (29 agosto): Roma-Cesena
2° GIORNATA (12 settembre): Cagliari-Roma
3° GIORNATA (19 settembre): Roma-Bologna
4° GIORNATA (22 settembre): Brescia-Roma
5° GIORNATA (26 settembre): Roma-Inter
6° GIORNATA (3 ottobre): Napoli-Roma
7° GIORNATA (17 ottobre): Roma-Genoa
8° GIORNATA (24 ottobre): Parma-Roma
9° GIORNATA (31 ottobre): Roma-Lecce
10° GIORNATA (7 novembre): Lazio-Roma
11° GIORNATA (10 novembre): Roma-Fiorentina
12° GIORNATA (14 novembre): Juventus-Roma
13° GIORNATA (21 novembre): Roma-Udinese
14° GIORNATA (28 novembre): Palermo-Roma
15° GIORNATA (5 dicembre): Chievo-Roma
16° GIORNATA (21 dicembre): Roma-Bari
17° GIORNATA (19 dicembre): Milan-Roma
18° GIORNATA (6 gennaio): Roma-Catania
19° GIORNATA (9 gennaio): Sampdoria-Roma

November looks like it'll be a little tight with some Champions League thrown in the middle, but otherwise a very acceptable schedule.

The only small gripe is that I was hoping to get Sampdoria while they're flashing their squad depth in the CL groups (provided, of course). Ahem...

(And reverse the home/away for the second half.)