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D-Day: AS Roma Now Owned By Newco Roma. (Mostly Oldco Roma)


The day has come and passed, with fainting women and Lazio flags, and we finally have our answer:

How do they come up with this shit?

If I'm reading this correctly - pardon my severe allergy to legalese...achoo - the Sensi's shares will now be comprised of the same deal of 51% Italpetroli and 49% Unicredit, with a three person board running the shows: Rosella, a Unicredit rep and a third, mutually decided upon party, heavily rumored to be me. Maybe not. The goal is to then sell the club on to someone with more money than Jebus.

However, the club is now effectively owned by Unicredit. Which makes Roma - technically, at least - the wealthiest club in the world, I think. So suck on that for a bit.

In more important news, the rumored new kits are flippin' ridiculous. You're seriously going to put Adriano in horizontal stripes?

roma 1

This decision making astounds me. Fortunately Serie A looks to be suffering across the board this year.