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The Monday Red & Yellows



One of Nike's latest commercials, starring one Stefano Okaka Chuka, was dropped into the comments (rearrange as desired), so of course I had to go check it out. In the process I ran into a mini-series of Italian footballers in England, a series commissioned by Nike for Nike via an Italian director. Stefano, of course, played a part during his loan stint, but more interesting was one Alberto Aquilani, currently enjoying his second year on loan at Liverpool. Ahem.

Embedding disabled, thus:


The Nike commercial:

Don't act like he's not the @#$%ing business.


Much like Roma's summer, there are no structurally complete thoughts - just mishmash.

  • Round about the time Le Show & Co. were running through Al-Sadd, I had a thought: what if, by some unthinkable stroke, Roma manages to look good throughout the friendly season?

    After all, Roma's best when getting blitzed by C-level team and putting the fanbase into a collective conniption. Case in point? 07/08.


    Utter failure, including a less than enjoyable thrashing by Juve in which Julio Sergio looked every bit....the fourth best keeper on the team we thought he was.

    And now with a 5-1 thumping by Olympiakos in the rearview, Roma's preseason looks a little bit like this:


    And once again, all is right with the world again. Simply put, Roma is best when not at their best in the preseason.

    (First game in 07-08? Supercoppa, 1-0 Roma win.)

  • Nicolas Burdisso's future will reportedly be decided after the game on Saturday.

    Seems rather petty, if unsurprising, doesn't it?

  • Oh - game on Saturday. Inter.
  • Valon Behrami:

    "There is interest in me from Roma but nothing concrete so far and so I am still at West Ham. I would have no problem playing for Roma despite being ex-Lazio. I am a professional.

    "My daughter Sofia is now 18 months old and it is not easy to bring up a child in London. Besides, Elena does not have a big circle of friends over there."

    Everything I want to type right here is crossing the line even for me, so nevermind.

  • The blue, out of:

  • I have to say, I'm wholly uninspired by this summer, and not in a negative manner. I know what they need from a consumer standpoint - a Burdisso-type and a backup for Riise who can capably play the 12 minutes he'll miss this season - and know who they'll almost certainly get - Burdisso I- while knowing full well they will get exactly what they need regardless - the -type and a vice-Riise. Their big coup came nearly a year early in the form of one Claudius 'Testiclus Giganticus' Ranierius and in what is a very rare luxury nowadays, their biggest 'mercato' need is simply training time.

    Normally I can envelope myself in the most inane of transfer rumors, such as dedicating 1200 words to Adrian Pit turning down Dinamo Bucharest (I would too), but not this year. This year the expectations trump the mythical pull of possibilities.

    So I'm bored and entirely indifferent toward this Roman summer. Five days and the wait will be over. Real football. Real Roma.