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Things We Learned: Supercoppa.


The quick and dirty edition.

Thing we relearned.

  • Philippe Mexes is a world class defender.

    Sure, the consistency will need to be there, but the boy's by no means lacking in talent. Some of those around him, however....

  • Mirko's mad genius can be really maddening.

    I'll go ahead and say no one on this team makes worse mistakes relative to their footballing ability. The pass was...well, it was a gamechanger.

  • Adriano's fat, slow and useless.

    No points for getting that correct.

  • Nicolas Burdisso will be playing in Roma's biggest games.

    But with Philippe Mexes, not for him. Marco Cassetti's simply too hit or miss - and they can't afford the misses (see: goal 2).

  • AS Roma is AS Roma's worst enemy.

    So very often, it's Roma beating themselves, rather than Roma losing.

Things we learned.

  • Doni needs to stay.

    This is not a snap judgment. This is a carefully crafted theory after a few, maybe even several, minutes of thoughtful pondering.

    Bogdan Lobont was bad. Unacceptably bad. And since no one wants Doni, it appears, it's best to keep him around for JSB's inevitable muscle injuries. At one point, he was a really good keeper, you know...

  • Rodrigo Taddei is no regista.

    We'll file this under the Cancer Is Bad For You/Shit You Really Didn't Need To See Or Feel To Understand dep't.

  • This year has much promise.

    They made silly mistakes and will learn from them. Best done in a pseudo-competition than in a real one, no?

    Oh, and this was Inter's best team. It was not Roma's best team. The near future's still mighty bright.