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Roma As We Know It






Whether they're 'back' or not, we can't really say. What I do know is I recognize this Roma, and that's good enough for me, good enough for today.

Random Bits

  • This would be the portion where Borriello gets a sonnet or seven, but I've come out of this game with one overwhelming thought:

    AS Roma now has a 100kg winger.

    You know, if you set aside the seriousness of football, its all consuming end-game, how does one not love Claudio Ranieri? The means to his end belong in a tactical irregulars bin, and yet...they work.

    * - I reserve the right to hate this against non-Romanian opposition, which does not include Crystal Chivu - Fatty would scorch him too.

  • For "punting" the fullbacks pregame, it seemed, they worked out quite well. Cicinho's game is out on the table for all to see, but the quality is a little higher than expected given it feels as though he hasn't played since scoring that wonderful goal against Genoa during the Spalletti days and then falling into a relatively innocent heap four seconds later. There's no reason he can't be considered a solid contributor at the very least.

    And Castellini looked like a solid backup left fullback. Who knew?

  • Regista duties should now be split into two roles:

    Under 15yds: David Pizarro.
    15 yards+: Daniele De Rossi, Rgsta.

    Problems solved.

  • At some point Bogdan Lobont is going to either a) clear the ball to an opponent for an empty netter, or b) punch a catchable ball to the foot of a poacher in the box. Maybe both.

    Until one occurs, he returns to his status as a perfectly acceptable backup.

  • Totti, for garnering so much criticism of recent, was a phenomenal keeping performance away from an easy brace, which no one would dare say a peep about.
  • Jeremy's gamelog from 2010-11:


    Ninety minutes one of these days might do wonders.

  • The only opposition which apparently doesn't know of that Mexes chalkboard play is Romanian.
  • I'm going to run out of ways to say Borriello is magnificent by October, but he really has been the shining light of this team thus far and the steal of many, many mercatos before factoring in cashed-in coupons.

    Marco Borriello still completes me, completes Roma.

Good game, good win, good signs.

To Napoli with a hint of great...