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Mercato End Pieces


The door has closed.

Tying up loose ends...


Lista A: 1 Lobont, 2 Cicinho, 3 Castellini, 4 Juan, 5 Mexes, 7 Pizarro, 8 Adriano, 9 Vucinic, 10 Totti, 11 Taddei, 16 De Rossi, 17 Riise, 19 Julio Baptista, 20 Perrotta, 22 Borriello, 23 Leandro (Greco), 25 G. Burdisso, 27 Julio Sergio, 29 N. Burdisso, 30 Simplicio, 32 Doni, 33 Brighi, 77 Cassetti, 87 Rosi, 94 Menez.

Lista B (il gruppo dei giocatori cresciuti nel settore giovanile): 41 Pigliacelli, 42 Frascatore, 43 Montini, 89 Okaka.

List B is for youth system children under 21, hence Okaka. The only names off the list are Loria and iTunes, the former's omission being something of a 26th man.

But if you add those two (technically), you get AS Roma 2010-11. She's a beaut.

Photos That Make Your Day


Marco's slightly creeped by Rosella's unending cackles and Prade looks like lunch just dropped into his trousers without warning.

I might make this my screensaver.

(And would somebody get Prade a goddamn tie pin.)

Cash Money



(Thanks to ForzaRoma for dropping this off for our enjoyment.)

These are gross numbers for this season's salary, which means before the ~43% tax for this income bracket.

In the complete minority here I assume, but I see nothing wrong with this list outside of Adriano. Unless you're prescient, hindsight gets left at the door.

Simplicio's a steal at just over €1m, however, so maybe it was a Brazilian Bosman package deal for one fairly reasonable lump sum and Fabio just got screwed.

More Photos With Which To Brighten Your Day

I went to the website, perused the photos, curious to see where the ridiculous photos lie this year, and three minutes later I inadvertantly found a whole slideshow on YouTube. Just my luck.


  • I find the old photo of Cassetti sans sidepart an egregious and entirely unacceptable oversight.

    The site's fine just the way it is (kind of like a mom and pop store - just like the team), but let's keep the hair current.

  • Paolo Castellini looks weeks away from appearing on an infomercial surrounded by flies. Get that man a sandwich.
  • Simone Loria...he's a little bit special.
  • On whose mobile was Nicolas Burdisso's official photo snapped on?

    Also: I think he's a pirate.

  • Fabio Simplicio looks like he could fuck you up. Bout it.
  • I think we can safely say there is a severe shortage of razor cartridges in the Roman locker room.
  • Borriello was superimposed onto Perrotta's body, because I know you're wondering.


Mirko: Wales, 1930cet.

Yeremy, Philou:
Belarus, 2100.

John Arne Riise wears short sleeves: Iceland, 2100.

Estonia, 2030.

And finally, to fill the time inbetween, new cdt.